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How Major Cannabis Companies Pack and Transport Products to Store Locations

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Cannabis products are marketing to various consumers – from medical patients to recreational users. To serve this diverse customer base, cannabis companies face the challenge of packaging and transporting these products to store locations where they need to be moved quickly and efficiently.

In this post, we will go over the most common transporting methods used by cannabis companies for packing and moving products from production facilities to retail stores.

How Major Cannabis Companies Pack and Transport Products to Store Locations

Shipping and Storage Methods

The degree to which cannabis products are packaged and stored is depended on their location in the supply chain. Unprocessed plant material and cannabis extracts are shipped in larger containers, mainly using Phoenix Engineering services that allow for greater capacity. Packaging methods can include heat-sealed bags or metal cans, depending on the particular product.

Packaging Material

Cannabis companies must adequately package their products, even if they are being shipped from one location to another within the same company. Here are a few of the most common cannabis packaging materials.

Tying and Stretch Wrapping

Frequently, products are placed inside multi-tiered shelves that allow workers to load large quantities of product onto trucks easily. Workers then tie the containers together to prevent items from falling or shifting while being transported. Once the truck has reached its destination, there is the unloading of the product by removing the ties or stretch wrap used to secure the shelf together.

Woven Bags

Bags often feature woven material. It allows for an airtight seal, qualifying for the most secure storage and transportation options while keeping the product fresh. There is the filling of the woven bags with cannabis products packaged in various ways: For example, there is the filling of a bag with ground flowers, pre-filled cartridges, and loose-leaf.

Metal Cans

Metal cans typically come in different sizes, depending on the amount of product stored inside the can. In some cases, there is the use of metal cans for packaging pre-filled cartridges.

Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are often used to transport cannabis cartridges between production facilities and dispensaries. Bubble mailers come in various sizes because packaging depends on cartridges like metal cans. Bubble mailers typically feature a white exterior with a clear plastic window to see the product inside the mailer.

Plastic Casings

Plastic casings are frequently used for shipping cannabis products between production facilities and dispensaries. Like metal cans, they come in various sizes because there is shipping depending on the amount. Plastic casings feature an air-tight seal to prevent the product from seeping or leaking out.

Heavy-Weight Glass Bottles

Heavy-weight glass bottles are frequently used for packaging cannabis products containing oils, extracts, and edibles. They come in various sizes because the packaging depends on the amount. Glass bottles are durable and shatterproof, so they last longer than other packaging options.


Even though cannabis companies are producing more types of products than ever before, this does not mean that there is less demand for packaging and shipping. There is a growing demand for new cannabis products, such as edibles, pre-filled cartridges, concentrates, and extracts. Cannabis companies must handle the packaging and shipping needs of such diverse products, and work to meet the unique demands of both medical patients and recreational users.

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