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How Does Global Warming Affect Your Roof?

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Over the last decade, climate change has become a pressing issue worldwide. You have probably heard about how the increasing earth temperature, known as global warming, can negatively affect our world.

When talking about the effects of global warming, your roof is probably the last thing that would come to mind. But do you know that the roof is actually the part of the house that is most affected by climate change? It is your first protection from the harsh weather elements like rain, strong winds, snow and sun’s heat. By understanding how global warming can damage your roof, you will be able to take necessary changes to your roofing to resist and counter its effects.

Roofing Damage Due to Global Warming

Due to climate change, we now experience stronger winds, heavier downpours, rapid temperature changes, hotter summers and harsher winters. These weather elements can damage roofing materials and roofing supports.

  • Water damage

Heavier rainfall could weaken roofing structures such as caulking around skylights and chimneys, gutters, fascia and sidings, to name a few. Wetter weather could also mean more algae, causing faster roof discoloration. If left unaddressed, these will lead to leakage and further damages in your home’s interior.

  • Winter damage

How Does Global Warming Affect Your Roof?

Increased snowfall means more snow accumulating on your roof. The added weight could take a toll on your roof, causing damage on the shingles, eaves or supporting structure. Also, the cycle of melting and freezing of water in your gutters would eventually damage them and cause leaks.

  • Strong winds

Because of global warming, many parts of the country now experience winds as fast as 120 kph or more. Winds this fast could blow shingles off your roof. They could also carry debris, big and small, that could hit and damage your roof.

  • Excessive heat

Prolonged sun exposure and increase in temperature during summer could weaken and deteriorate most roofing materials. You may not notice the consequences during the hot months, but once the rainy days come around, you will definitely feel the damage done by the excessive heat.

Protect your Roof and Beat Global Warming

Before the harsh weather can do any damage, you should take necessary actions to fortify your roof. There are now modern roofing materials that are more resistant to weather elements. New products, like reflective paint, can be used to add layers of protection to your roof. Regular roof inspection and maintenance by a professional roofer is vital to ensure that your roof will withstand all sorts of weather.

Another smart way to protect your roof is by transforming it into a green roof. Rooftop gardens do not only add extra protection to your roofing materials, but they could also reduce your energy consumption, improve the air quality and reduce global warming.

To know more about how you can protect and fortify your roof against global warming, contact your local roofing experts now.

Written by Enrich Construction, the best service for roofing in Columbia, MO.

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