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How Digital Smartpens Can Help Students?

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Modern students are aided with various learning support tools. Applied skills and science are becoming more complex, so without proper tools; it will be difficult to achieve refined and accurate results in a short period of time. Digital smartpens are one of them. They are able to store audio recording of a lecture and they also record our notes as we write with them. Audio and text files can be uploaded to computers or tablets for additional learning process. We can save them as new content and sharing them should be incredibly easy. For college students, digital smartpens can save them hundreds of hours. Their notes can be transcribed and organized for future searching.

Although they have textbooks, students will need to become a rigorous note taker. Challenges can be related to taking complete notes and keep their notes entirely organized. One of the challenges is to make sure that they won’t up having meaningless notes. Students can suffer from learning difficulties and academic challenges, so digital smartpens should be able to improve their situation. In this case, a group of students can share their notes. It means that if one of the students were ill or need to undergo a trip, they can obtain notes from other students. Modern smartphones can record audio recording, but they don’t provide recording for notes taken during a class.

How Digital Smartpens Can Help Students

Audio replay should be able to spur our understanding. Integrated voice functions allow students to consistently replace recorded audio at faster or slower pace than the current recording. It means that students are able to study in their appropriate pace. They won’t miss any single word of a meeting or lecture. Digital smartpens are able to correlate recorded audio with note written. So, students can replay the audio at any given time and evaluate what they write at the exact time. This is something that tablets and smartphones can’t do to aid students in their learning process.

Students who have problems absorbing information through verbal means can replay the audio over and over again. This is particularly true for foreign students who are not proficient with local languages or students with hearing impairment. Audio can be paused, skipped back, skipped forward or slowed. Foreign students with unfamiliarity of local languages can have better comprehension, especially because they also need to learn the local languages. Information stored in digital smartpens can be uploaded to cloud for universal sharing among fellow students.

We should have a plethora of tools that can enhance collaboration and sharing. We should be able to enhance note exchange and overall sharing. Cloud storage should allow students who are in a trip or who are still ill to get more information. They should also be able to share quick solutions for specific problems. It means that average students who use digital smartpens effectively could gain better scores that those who are not. This is something that we need to consider when we want to significantly improve our academic performance.

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