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How Californians Can Protect Their Homes During Winter

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Many people assume that because most areas in California do not receive harsh winter conditions like the northern parts of the country do, that they do not need to do anything to prepare their homes for the winter season. Though it is true that home owners in California luckily do not need to brace their homes for winter snow blizzards, they still do need to take some precautions to prepare their homes for the new season.

The temperature drops are subtle, but there are other issues that could lead to bad news for home owners who are unprepared. Home owners in California still need to protect their homes from wildfires, burglars and pests. Being prepared can help home owners across the country come home to a safer and more efficient house every day. Here are a few things that Californians need to do to protect their homes in the winter.

Create a Barrier Against Wildfires

Wildfires are still common in California during the winter months. Home owners can do a lot to protect their homes from fires and avoid spreading any fires throughout their neighborhood. Home owners should always have an emergency supply kit inside the home and outside the home in a secure location. Fire extinguishers throughout the home are a must, and now it a good time for home owners to upgrade them if needed. Home owners should also regularly check for gas leaks and have an emergency plan to get them outside the home in case of a fire.

How Californians Can Protect Their Homes During Winter

Put a Stop to Indoor Pests

Pests can become more common as the temperatures start to cool, especially at night. Home owners should prepare for those pests by sealing any leaks that might have opened up in the home over the past year. Home owners can also keep their landscaping around the home manicured regularly and even plant certain plants that repel certain pests. These simple precautions can help keep anyone’s home pest free year round.

Avoid the Holiday Break-ins

Burglary is more common around the holiday season. Home owners should prepare by making their home a bad target for potential burglars. The best way to do this is by installing or updating a home security system from Other options for home owners include keeping driveways and sidewalks clear, leaving expensive items away from windows and never broadcasting when the family is away from the home. These simple tricks can keep the home safe and ensure that burglars will avoid the home all season.

Let the House Make a Little Money

Home owners often leave the home during the winter months for vacation or family time. Home owners do not need to simply let their home just sit there and waste money during this time. Instead, California home owners can rent out their home to people looking for a vacation somewhere warm and sunny during the wintertime. This can allow home owners to make some extra cash while they area away from home.

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