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How Backlinks Increase Website Rankings

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Backlinks are an important part of utilizing search engine optimization to generate better search engine results. They have become a foundation of a SEO plan for a business. Website owners need to understand what backlinks are and how to utilize backlinks to increase rankings on search engines.

What are Backlinks?

Before using backlinks, it is important to understand them. A simple definition of a backlink is any link that links directly back to your website. They are commonly referred to as Inbound Links (IBLs). When a website has a large amount of backlinks, it indicates to a search engine that this website is popular and trustworthy.

Another form of backlinks are images. Images will have an anchor link text in the form of an alt tag of the image. Anchor link text is the text that creates the clickable link.

Why are Backlinks Important?

Some search engines rely on SEOs to provide the searcher with the best result. Google heavily uses SEOs to provide good results. When Google finds a website with a large number of quality backlinks, it believes the website is relevant and credible. This pushes the company’s website higher up on the search engine results.

One of the most important benefits of backlinks are that they generate referral traffic. The readers of the website are looking for similar and relevant webpages. This type of traffic has a low bounce rate.

How to Increase Rankings with Backlinks

The backlinks need to come from quality and trusted sites. They should be contextual. If, for example, your website is about gardening, and you have backlinks from sites unrelated to gardening, it will serve no purpose. These sites should be authoritative and relevant to your niche area. They absolutely have to be relevant.

A great goal is to have links that go to specific posts or articles instead of just the homepage. When your website receives more organic links, the content will be higher ranked by search engines. Also, while getting 100+ links in a week sounds great, it will risk the chance of being penalized by the search engine. Even if you are actively seeking backlink opportunities, a few a week seems more natural and will keep your website at the first page for longer.

It is crucial to have as many links indexed as possible. Google, by default, only does a small percentage of the backlinks to the websites. This is why using a link processing tool is important; it ensures all of the backlinks are indexed. This will increase the rankings on search engine. The more backlinks a website has the faster search engine bots crawl and index the site.

Web owners will acquire some backlinks naturally over time. In order to increase the rankings with backlinks, the owner needs to actively seek opportunities for backlinks. There are many ways to get backlinks. One of the most important things about getting backlinks is building relationships with people in the niche area.

Getting Backlinks

In order to increase the ranking with backlinks, the website owner must get backlinks. This can be tricky for those just beginning. There are some of the normal ideas such as guest posting on other websites and blog commenting. Here are some other ideas to help get backlinks.

  • Blogger Reviews: If you have anything of value such as a product or service, offer it to a blogger to review for free. Find bloggers in the niche area and send a proposal email offering to send them the product for free in exchange for an honest review.

  • Link Roundups: Blogs often have link roundups with similar niche area websites. Offering your website for these link roundups can bring traffic to your site from those looking for that particular subject.

  • Find Guest Posts: There are two options – you can either guest post on another blog or another blogger can guest post on your site. Either way, the goal for both sites is to bring in new traffic.

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