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How An On-site Fitness Facility Helps Employers

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Looking for ways to boost employee productivity, reduce turnover and improve your company’s list of benefits? An on-site fitness facility may be the answer to these and other needs. If you’re thinking of creating an on-site facility at your business, check out this list of possible benefits.

How An On-site Fitness Facility Helps Employers

Reduce Employee Turnover

Employees who are happy at work are less likely to look for another job. As an employer, you know that reducing employee turnover saves your business a lot of money each year. From paying for job postings to training new hires, the process of hiring new employees is expensive. One effective way to reduce employee turnover is to assess your current list of benefits and make it better, such as by adding an on-site fitness facility. This may just be the perk that your employees have been wanting, and that may make them more satisfied at work.

Increase Workplace Productivity

According to The Merits of Having a Fitness Facility On-site, increased workplace productivity is often linked to an on-site fitness facility. This increase in workplace productivity can happen for a few reasons.

First, employees who exercise on-site before the start of their workdays often have more energy to jump into their day’s tasks, rather than spending the first hour of each workday waking up. Second, rather than leaving work early to travel to an off-site gym, employees can remain on the job longer. Last, by knowing that your business cares about their well-being, employees, in turn, will typically be more willing to put the extra effort into their job tasks.

Reduce Health Insurance Costs

Employees who regularly exercise are often healthier. And healthy people go to the doctor less often, have fewer illnesses and more. This, in turn, can help to reduce the costs of your workplace health insurance plan. By building an on-site fitness facility and encouraging healthy habits among your employees, the business may save more money over the long term.

Be More Competitive

How many other local companies in your area have on-site fitness facilities? Probably not very many. Adding an on-site facility to your list of company benefits can help you gain the edge on competitors in a tight job market. Job candidates who are comparing offers from you and a competitor may choose your offer more often when they see a free on-site fitness center among your list of perks.

Enhance Your Image

Workers and consumers often view companies that care about their employees in a better light. Having an on-site fitness facility shows that you care about the well-being of your employees and may also help you gain more earned media from local news outlets that showcase great local companies. If you decide to build an on-site facility, create a press release that announces the facility’s completion and send it to your local media contacts.

Building an on-site fitness facility can benefit your business in several ways. From reducing employee turnover to being more competitive in the job market, learn more about the advantages of on-site fitness facilities to determine if this change is right for your business. This post on CoffeeWriter has examples of companies that have implemented very attractive wellness programs.

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