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Hong Kong Company Incorporation: Online and Offline, Private and Public

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Incorporation is a term referring to the formation and recognition of a new corporation or company, which can be a business firm, a non-profit organization, government holding, or a club following the stringent legal terms of the country, where it is expected to start with its functioning. This term not only relates to the offline companies, but covers the incorporation of the companies that carry on with their functioning online. Online company registration services further extend its reach to both the public and private holding companies.

Hong Kong Company Incorporation: Online and Offline, Private and Public

Functions Performed

Hong Kong company incorporation directs the registry of both types of firms implementing most parts of the company’s ordinance. Its function stretches out to National companies, international Companies, Statutory returns, deregistration of ancient dissoluble organizations as well as furnishing the general population with offices and administrative bodies for reviewing and acquiring the relevancy of the data submitted by the organizations. The entire process is controlled and upheld keeping pace with the company laws including the Trustee Ordinance, the Registered Trustees, Incorporation Ordinance and the Limited Partnership Ordinance. The registration facility provides some additional facility of instant cast loan, licenses and a note of moneylenders willing to provide cash loans at a minimal return rate. The Overall goal is to setup quality administrative functioning bodies in the country.

Registration of Private Holdings

As mentioned earlier, the registration of both private and public holding companies are facilitated. These two types of firms may be functioning for the same purpose but varies in their respective features, thus follow different registration policy. The private companies in Hong Kong get their license issued by the Companies Registry of Hong Kong, operating under the law of Hong Kong. The nature of their policies are confidential, restricted to legal responsibility and has a separate unit for deriving legal advices.

Registration for Public Holdings

The public holding companies too, derive their license from the Companies Registry of Hong Kong operating under the Hong Kong law but differ in its features from the private holding companies; being public in nature, having limited liabilities and their separate legal entity. On the contrary, while the shares and debentures of a public business organization can be issued to the general public, the number of share and debenture holders are limitless giving them a scope of unrestricted transfer of these holding, which in case of the private companies is limited to 50 shareholders with strict restriction on their transferability. Apart from this, Hong Kong Company incorporation issue license and registration for the Aging Business firms as well.

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