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Hip Roof Framing

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Hip roof is a special type of roof that has a very gentle roof slope at sides with downward pattern towards its side walls. At present, this type of roof is frequently used to most advanced architectures, and most probably for cottages, bungalows and in ranch as well. Moreover, these roofs add more qualities and beauty to house, such as it increased comfort, solidness and gives traditional designs. Hip roofs used in such building and houses are considered to be one of the most roof type with has a simplest designs. In order to help you learn more about hip roofs, below is other information about these

Hip Roof Framing

3 major important factors that best contribute to style and design of hip roof:

  • Most people used this type for it has a graceful appearance and unique style that adds more beauty and appeal to the construction of the house.
  • For those areas where cyclones and wind are very common, hip constructed of hip roofs are very applicable so that they can provide strong and efficient service for long time, even with different climatic changes.
  • Don’t you know that, hip roofs having deep eaves can assist in window from strong heat of the sun, the best pattern of such types can helps to make the inside of home cool and reduce power consumption as well.

How to Build Using a Hip Roof

As what have discussed above, hip roofs are best used in many architectural homes and building so, they must be built with safety and high precision. But the question here is how to build a hip roof? Below are several easy steps that can guide you to proper building of hip roof:

  1. Take the exact measurement of hip roof first before starting its construction. Well, one of the most basic steps in building hip roof is to take first proper measurement before beginning construction. If you do not have any idea on how exactly measurement done, it is better to let professional do it for you. Thus, professional person know how to measure the length and width of hip roof for perfect measurement.
  2. Cutting of ratters. Once you are done with the measurement, it’s time to cut the hip roof according to its given measurement.
  3. Rafter fixing over ridge board. The ridge board serve as like a frame of the roof, so must begin your hip roof installation by fixing over board.
  4. Dimension of hip rafter. Before moving into the next process, make sure to ensue first the proper alignment of hip roof to avoid any problem with the measurement.
  5. Continue to attach rafter. It is good to start fixing rafters from 1 side, trying to apply more force for each attach rafter on ridge board.
  6. Trim the attach rafters. Once nailing is completely done, you can now begin with trimming the rafters so that they can effectively provide perfect linear hip roof layout.
  7. Fixing of rip rafters. In any type of roof construction, fixing of rift rafters is very much needed so that they must be connected properly to fixed rafters.
  8. Affix and jack roof attach rafters. Once you are done fixing the rafters, it’s time for you to install jack rafters between standard and hip rafters so that they can surely have a lifetime service in your home.

If you are one of those people who don’t have any idea on how to build hip roof, applying the steps above can surely help you start with your construction in the future.

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