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Higher Risk Of Heart Episode With Oral Bacteria

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Periodontal diseases occur in many forms from mild to severe. The mildest form of periodontal disease is gingivitis and it is generally reversible. The more severe one is Periodontitis which occurs when gingivitis is not treated and this can cause a big irreversible damage to the soft tissues and bone structure of the teeth. Periodontitis is known as the primary cause of tooth loss among adults who are 45 years of age. Many clinical studies have provided evidence that periodontal disease is linked to severe health problems like diabetes, respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, etc.

Higher Risk Of Heart Episode With Oral Bacteria

It is quite clear that higher risk of heart episode with oral bacteria is quite common and therefore many clinical studies have been executed on the subject. Most of the researchers are taking efforts to understand the relationship between the bacteria type that are responsible for periodontal disease and the growth of cardiovascular diseases. A lot of studies have suggested about the connection between the two but the trial has been performed by only a few.

The studies discovered that there are two oral pathogens which reside in the mouth. These pathogens are linked to the increased risk of a heart attack and the total number of germs no matter what their type was. This was important for the health of the heart.

The total number of bacteria is more essential than one single organism. It is quite clear that if you have many oral bacteria then you are at an increased risk of heart attack. Therefore, the Downtown Dental Excellence focuses on maintaining the oral health in a supreme manner so one can have good overall health. They advise the patients on the same and those who have heart diseases need to take precautionary measures for which the clinic advises the patients with complete responsibility.

If you are not taking precautionary steps for reducing or preventing periodontal diseases then you are risking your life. The need of brushing twice a day along with flossing and routine dental check up cannot be ignored to ensure good oral health.

Factors that can increase the risk of developing periodontal disease:

  • Hormonal changes which happens during pregnancy and puberty
  • Use of pharmacologic agents like cyclosporine, phenytoin, etc.
  • medical conditions like diabetes

Those who take antidepressants have a decreased flow of saliva and are more likely to be diagnosed with a periodontal disease. However, some may even encounter the disease because of genes as well.

Things that need to be considered for removing oral bacteria:  

Most of the people who have halitosis is because they do not follow good oral hygiene practices. Things that contribute to halitosis are consumption of foods with pungent smells, alcohol, tobacco use, etc. To prevent the problems with bad breath it is vital to remove plaque and calculus formation.  For further evaluation such patients should visit a reputed dentistry clinic like Downtown Dental Excellence that can help them to resolve such dental issues and also advise them on how to maintain a good oral hygiene.

Dental Caries is another problem which should be treated as a priority. Dental caries is developed due to poor oral hygiene, gum tissue recession, etc. Some studies suggest that there is a correlation between the use of tobacco and dental caries development. It is also essential to control plaque buildup and have healthy gingival tissue.

To ensure the removal of oral bacteria it is vital to brush regularly using a good toothpaste or powder as recommended by your dentist. Flossing at regular intervals and going for a routine checkup to a reputed dental clinic like Downtown Dental Excellence is highly recommended as well.

So, book an appointment with your nearest dentist today and ensure good oral health to avoid severe heart problems which can risk your life.

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