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High School vs. College: 7 Major Differences

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They say college is something totally different from high school, even though they have so much in common. Someone claims college puts more responsibility on your shoulders and you start to control the whole life on your own, without parental guidance and additional support from teachers.

High School vs. College: 7 Major Differences

What everyone knows for sure is that people usually start to freak out a little about changing their high school environment to a completely new college campus life. Well, perhaps that happens because freshmen have no idea what to expect. Here in the article, we managed to find out main differences between high school and college!

1. Campus Life with Your Mates

Life during high school and college is divided into 2 parts: during classes and after. The main difference is that most college students live on campus, which means 24/7 interaction with anyone you tend to meet during classes. This means, you basically have no other choice but having tight relationships with classmates, when it comes to dinners in the dining hall or hanging out around the campus at the free time.

2. Harder Curriculum

If you perform well in high school classes, don’t expect the same from college: out there professors expect you to do lengthy assignments of a higher academic level. Sometimes you may even need to apply for writing services to write essays online. College is definitely not a place for truants and loafers: to be a straight A+ student requires tons of efforts.

3. Independence from Parents

Meanwhile, some of you are quite excited about this future perspective, there’s something you would probably miss about your parents anyway. Who is going to remind you about deadlines, do laundry once in a while, cook meals and organize regular room clean ups? Luckily or not, from now on you would need to arrange chores on your own and learn to do things you normally didn’t do when being a careless teenager.

4. More Responsibility

Without parental guidance, there also comes more responsibility. You may think, what is so special about college life that puts greater responsibility on you? In fact, it all comes in smaller pieces. For instance, nobody puts an obligation for you to attend classes or go to bed quite early to get enough sleep, but you have to realize that this is what you need to do for your successful graduation and great career future. Prioritizing things will help you manage the life out there in a better way.

5. More Freedom

Of course, you will get a few attractive perks along with new responsibilities, such as a total freedom. You can hang out late at night, study whenever and wherever you want, eat whatever you wish and there will be no one to judge you upon it.

6. You Enjoy Most of Your Classes

If you choose the major you are actually interested in, you will 100% enjoy sitting in classes of your specialization, participate in class discussions and listen attentively to what your lecturer is speaking about. Moreover, most of your classmates would have the same intentions as you, which creates a good learning environment, in comparison to school with indifferent students sitting in classes that they take only for receiving necessary credits.

7. More Experience than Theory

College would be the place where knowledge stays behind the practice. This is the place, where you are still a student with no obligations and certain duties and this gives you a chance to experience things on practice. For example living with a stranger in one room, balancing between classes and your part-time job, having first serious relationships etc.

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