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Hernia Treatment In Homeopathy

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There is a layer in the stomach which covers the intestines from each side which is called the ‘covering of intestines’. Testicles of the child contain in this covering before the birth but after birth they come down into scrotum. There are two holes at the place from where testicles come down. Sometimes, some part of the small intestine comes down into the testicles through these holes. It is called ingual Hernia. Sometimes, intestines come out through the hole of naval of the child. It is called ‘umbilical Hernia’. The condition in which a little portion of the intestine comes out through these holes is called Hernia.



There are several causes of hernia. A person becomes the victim of this disease by several reasons as by lifting heavy weight, by stumbling suddenly, by coughing with pressure, weakness due to old age, constipation, by sneezing, by playing flute, by excessive riding, by excessive dancing, by excessive labour, by excessive cough at the time of loose motions, urination or delivery time and due to excessive pressure fall on the muscles of the stomach.

In all these conditions, some portion of the intestines comes out through the hole of naval. A severe pain creates when intestine entangles in the hole due to hernia. In this condition, the physician stretches the hole after putting the intestine inside but the disease takes birth again if the patient lifts heavy weight. Homeopathic medicines are necessary for the treatment of hernia.

Use of different medicines for the treatment of hernia:

1. Lycopodium: The condition of hernia in which the intestine comes down in the right testicle and the patient feels biting pain in the thighs and the sensation in which he feels that the testicle will come down through the hole from which the intestine comes down through the layer of stomach. In this condition, 1m of lycopodium should be taken once in fourteen days. Follow this treatment for 2-3 months regularly. The medicine Asculus provides relief in this condition too.

2. Nux vomica or coculas: The condition in which the intestine comes down into the left testicle, the patient should take 30 potencies of the medicine Nux Vomica. Its use provides a lot of relief in this disease. If there is doubt of slipping down of the small intestine in the scrotum of testicles after waking up in the morning and the patient feels weakness near about the left thigh, the use of 30 potencies of the medicine Nux Vomica provides relief. As the medicine Nux Vomica provides relief in engual hernia as it provides relief in umbilical hernia of children.

If the use of the medicine named Nux Vomica does not provide relief, the use of 3-30 power of Coculus should be used. Its use provides a lot or relief.

3. Aconite or Lachesis: These medicines are used in the condition in which the intestine entangles in the middle while coming down of the intestine into the testicles. The entangled intestine swells and the patient shows such types of symptoms as inflammation and pain, appearance of urticaria and cold sweating along with restlessness and nervousness. In this situation, the patient should take 30 potencies of the medicine named Aconite.

Hernia with these symptoms is called strangulated Hernia. In this situation, the medicine Lachesis can be used. If the intestine decays and gives bad odor and the tissues starts to die, the use of 30 potencies of the medicine Lachesis provides a lot of relief but operation is the best option for its treatment.

4. Calcaris carb: When this disease can take fat and fleshy children in its grip, 30 potencies of the medicine Calcarea Carb should be given. The use of this medicine provides relief in the early stages of all types of Hernia. Homeopathic medicines are beneficial in all the stages of Hernia.

5. Isculus: When pain creates in the right side in Hernia, the use of 2x potencies of the medicine isculus provides relief. Besides it, 6-30 potencies of the medicine Lycopodium can be taken in place of Isculus if the patient suffers from such types of pain.

6. Plumbam: If the cause of hernia is constipation, the use of 6 potencies of the medicine plumbam provides a lot of relief.

7. Sulphuric acid: If the patient of this disease vomits very much, the medicine Sulphuric Acid should be given to the patient.

8. Belladonna: If the patient of this disease suffers from such symptoms as severe pain around the naval and flatulence, the use of the medicine Belladonna provides a lot of relief. Besides Belladonna, other medicines as Acon 3x, Ars 3x, Carbo Veg 6x, Cuprum 6x and Vire Alb 6x can be used.

9. Nux vomica: 3x potencies of the medicine Nux Vomica or 6 x potencies should be given to the patient of Hernia especially fat and fleshy children. If these medicines do not provide relief, operation can be adopted.

Treatment through normal experiment:

The intestine reaches at its right place by lying on back or by lifting both feet. Fomenting with hot water and drinking the mixture of sugar candy and sugar provides a lot of relief. Wearing girdle also provides a lot of relief.

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