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Here Is How to Prepare Yourself for Trekking

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Trekking is a great experience and it can make any trip to some hilly terrain quite amusing. And that is why you should not leave any opportunity of trekking if you ever get it. It will certainly create some wonderful memories for you to dwell upon. But your trekking experience can get extremely sour if you do not put your best foot forward. Practice a lot before you actually embark on your trekking expedition. Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for a trekking trip. Find out here-

  1. Start your preparation right now. Yes, you must have heard a lot of people say this and this might sound like a cliché already, but you will be surprised to know how many people simply don’t follow this rule of thumb. They don’t understand that the best way to do a real long walk is to practice taking long walks. And the beginning point should definitely be ‘now’. You can start walking short distances and then slowly work your way up. If you feel completely drained out on certain days, you can skip practicing on those days. But don’t allow the break to continue for days on end for no valid reason.

With regular practice, you attain such a level of expertise that you will be able to do two sessions back to back on any given day. But then again, your body needs practice to reach that level.

  1. When you do your daily exercise, don’t forget to work on your leg muscles. For faster results, you can make leg-based cardio an integral part of your exercise regime. But this is not an alternative to walking; you will have to keep your walks going until you feel confident enough to tread on any kind of trekking path.
  2. Getting from a lower floor of a building to a higher one has become extremely easy with the advent of elevators. But you are not going to use them for some good long time. Take your office stairs and home stairs whenever possible. Basically, you must take every opportunity to climb stairs. This is a great exercise that strengthens your leg muscles for trekking.
  3. Whether you take a long walk or a short walk, one thing you must make sure is that you are working properly. Without walking in the right manner, you are not going to achieve whatever you wish to achieve from your walks. When it comes to trekking, walking properly is of the utmost importance. After all, you are going to walk for long hours along uneven roads. Walking wrong can have serious repercussions on your health. You might get strains and sprains unnecessarily.
  4. There is a sea of difference in how it feels to walk on a smooth road and on a bumpy road or a road that cuts through a hilly terrain. And that is why irrespective of how much walking practice you do on city roads, it might prove to be of very less value when you finally go trekking. That is why it is important to choose an uneven road to practice walking for trekking.

So, whether you go trekking at Kudremukh or some other place, you must prepare yourself first for the drilling that trekking is going to give you.

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