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Health Benefit Of Bidet From Pregnancy To Childbirth

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A bidet is gaining popularity because of its health benefits. As many public places are becoming open to installing bidet seats in their establishments, many houses are also putting not just bidet but toilet seat warmer, too, in their bathrooms.

As many recognise the importance of a bidet in cleaning oneself after bathroom use, many doctors likewise encourage their patients, especially those pregnant and moms who just gave birth to have a bidet in their homes. These medical professionals attest that aside from the soothing and cleaning sensation a bidet provides, it likewise can even help promote better healing in most women.

Itemized below are some of the most common problems during pregnancy and after childbirth that a bidet can address to adequately.

Ease Hemorrhoids

Among the many pregnancy-related constipation problems most women face are hemorrhoids. They usually experience this during the third trimester when the veins in and around their anus swell. The swelling happens because of the pressure caused by the weight of the growing baby. As the little human inside their uterus grows big, their lower pelvic area feels the weight contributing to hemorrhoids. Bowel movements become a struggle to most pregnant moms, too, as their pregnancy progresses. The little human inside them all the more presses on the bowels.  On the other hand, for those who just gave birth, the straining required during natural childbirth can cause hemorrhoids to develop.

The most common symptom of hemorrhoids is an itchy feeling in the anal area. Most pregnant moms also feel burning and painful sensation every time they poop. Internal hemorrhoids bleed especially if a hard bowel movement passes over the inflamed veins. External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, happen when there appears a painful and swollen lump on the outside of the anus.  This lump, though, does not bleed.

With a bidet then, cleaning the anal area is made easy. With the area around the varicose veins fresh and clean, bacterial growth is most likely avoided. Given this, there is a slim chance, too, for the development of an infection within the area.

Cleaning the anal area using a stream of water also gives a soothing feeling as opposed to using toilet paper. Repeated wiping can irritate hemorrhoids. If this happens, the swelling becomes more significant and more painful.

Avoid UTI

A study says that many pregnant women develop urinary tract infection (UTI) because they find it increasingly challenging to go to the restroom to pee. Another challenge they sometimes do not want to face is the need to reach and bend awkwardly during wiping after a bowel movement. Instead of walking the extra mile to go to the bathroom or bend over to wipe clean themselves, these ladies prefer to just sleep through the problem.

A bidet somehow encourages those women heavy with a child to take the extra effort to walk to the restroom; It is because they know that after every pee or poo, they can just push the button of a bidet to clean themselves. The more that they will love their bathroom break when they use a heated toilet seat. Those late-night trips to the commode are already a thing of the past as sitting in a heated seat will bring them comfort and warmth especially during chilly winter season.

Increase Flexibility

Especially in the last few stages of pregnancy, women find it hard to bend and reach as they try to clean themselves. With a bidet, such mobility issues are given a solution. They need not stoop to reach their behind after a bowel movement. With only just a quick push of the button, the water from the nozzles will clean their anal area.

Clean Vaginal Discharge

Many pregnant women feel unclean because of the heavy vaginal discharge. Such release, though, cannot be avoided as it comes with being heavy with a child. In addition to vaginal discharge, the extra strain on the bladder because of the baby cause lack of control over urination. This unavoidable circumstance can leave pregnant moms feeling unclean. To keep feeling fresh and clean all day long, the pure stream of water from the bidet will wash away any discharge and feeling of stickiness.

Keep Stitches Clean

After childbirth, the perianal of a mother is most probably very sore. The area is very sensitive as well due to stitches. Sudden touching of the area may also lead to uncomfortable feeling plus the possibility of an infection.  With a bidet, especially if its feature has adjustable warm temperature, this helps new moms to clean themselves without the feeling of any discomfort and inconvenience.  Any itching sensation is avoided as well as the warm water helps ease the swelling of the area surrounding the anus.

A bidet, too, comes in handy for new mothers to feel clean without taking a full bath. They can just wash the area they need to clean and change underwear, and they can start feeling fresh again.

There are bidet seats with toilet seat warmer, and it is a given that often, warm things are comforting. Investing in such kind of bidet seat gives extra premium as its warmth will help those who are recovering from a health operation to relax, avoid tight muscles, and any bathroom discomfort.

Health Benefit of Bidet From Pregnancy to Childbirth

Mobility is one of the many issues of pregnant women and those who have just given birth.  As they may not always have someone to help clean themselves, having a bidet help them with their mobility issues. They can clean themselves hands-free.  More than that, they can eliminate any itching feeling and discomfort. They can also avoid any bacterial growth and infection within their anal area because of improper washing or harsh wipe using a toilet paper. After all, water remains to be the most natural and purest way to clean oneself. It does not contain any chemical that may harm especially a newly stitched perianal area due to childbirth.

The advantages of having a bidet to pregnant women and those who have just given birth are numerous. More than the convenience it brings, its health benefits are immeasurable. Consider its benefits and take the switch now. It is most probably the most beautiful gift you can give yourself or a loved one.

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