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Having A Company Outing – Take A Brew Tour

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Life at the workplace is quite challenging and involves difficult tasks and creates a lot of stress at times. An opportunity to create some relief and add fun must be applied  to keep the Team spirit high and Team bonding at its best. A brewery tour in Houston is one of the best ways this can be achieved.

Having A Company Outing – Take A Brew Tour

Mixing business with pleasure is an excellent option to building Team spirit and a brewery tour planned as a company outing is just the right thing for it.

It enables you to spend quality time with your employees, colleagues and clients away from the stressful atmosphere of the workplace.

1.Taking a brewery tour in Houston is the ideal opportunity that allows interaction in close proximity in an informal atmosphere creating strong Team bonding within your employees. It also provides the opportunity for everyone to loosen up and unwind with the best local craft beers.

The planning of a corporate event like a Brew Tour involves:

2. Selecting a Bus tour

Do your research and select a reputable brew tour operator. They will provide a bus or the required transport for your company people depending on the number of people. They will escort the whole team to 3 or 4 breweries and let you taste different varieties of craft beer up to 15 types or more all throughout the trip. They also have customised tours in case you have some specific requirements.


The scope for selection of various types and styles of beer is endless. Everyone of your Team members is sure to find the type that suits Luggage Online them perfectly. You can also try out an experimental type of beer which you can select from the encyclopaedic guide for beer. Losing your inhibitions and trying out something different can be very entertaining, full of fun and also educational for everyone.

4.Complimenting Food with Beer

The selection of the right kind of food to go with the taste and flow of the brew tour is essential and should provide a fulfilling experience for everyone. The pairing of the right food with beer is best left to the experts who are well-versed in this art.

5.Where the Magic happens.

Visiting the brewery where the beer is being made is magical. One gets to learn the various ingredients, the processes, bottling and quality control, knowledge about the different variations, styles and types of beer and how they differ. It will be an exhilarating experience.

The experience of the brewery tour in Houston will linger on in the minds of your Team for a long time to come. The different tastes and the joy of the tour will recharge them. Some of them will form a special kind of bonding and this will prove very beneficial to the company in the long run. Arranging an employee awards and recognition event at the end of the tour will create an unforgettable experience to all the team members. Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts and rewarded.

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