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Have Safe And Healthy Food During Pregnancy

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When one is pregnant, the most important thing to keep in mind is what food to have and what to avoid. There is lot of suggestions that one can hear when they are pregnant but all of them are not true. There are many things that are needed to be avoided and many things that should be made compulsory in your diet when you are pregnant.

There are some healthy recipes for pregnant moms and if you go to a proper dietician, then they will provide you with proper guidance and appropriate diet chart according to your health condition. It is very true that what a pregnant woman actually eats and drinks are the only source if nourishment for the bay. For the healthy growth of the foetus one has to eat things which are high in nutrition and fibre as well. This is the only source for the development of the baby.

Have Safe And Healthy Food During Pregnancy

It is said that a pregnant woman always needs a lot of calcium in their diet along with important elements like folic acid, protein, and iron. These are the four basic elements that a pregnant woman need in their diet chart on a regular basis on the tenure of nine months. Folic acids are mainly found in different foods and they provide Vitamin B to the human body which in turn helps in healthy development of the baby’s spine and brain and save them from neural tube defects.

If one does not get supply of folic acid in food, then they can ask their respective gynaecologists to give them a daily dose if vitamin supplements. But remember, do not go for those supplements which have a dose of more than 400 micrograms of folic acid. Too much of anything can spoil a thing. So, ask your doctor and go for a pre-natal vitamin dose for a healthy outcome. If you try to have folic acids through food items then choose things like pastas, leafy and green vegetables along with fortifies cereals.

Calcium is also an important diet part when one is pregnant. This is because; they are needed for a proper development of the baby’s teeth and bones. If the mother is not having enough calcium, then the amount needed will be drawn from their body for the baby’s development and in turn the mother’s body will become very weak which is not at all welcome. So, one needs to have proper servings if dairy products in their regular diets and they should eat cheese, sardines, yogurt, milk and fortified juices to keep themselves and their baby healthy.

According to doctors, all pregnant ladies need an amount of 27 milligrams of iron every day. This is exactly double the amount from the regular diet of a non-pregnant woman. This helps in more blood and oxygen supply to the baby and so they have a healthy growth inside the womb. One also need a good source of Vitamin C ion their diet and that is why citrus fruits like orange, lemon, and mausambi can be of great help.

It is a good idea to avoid high amount of caffeine during pregnancy, but if you are a coffee addict then only one cup a day can be safe for you. No alcohol and smoking during pregnancy. One can try food recipes for pregnant women during this tenure.

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