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How To Combine Your Hairstyle and Neckline Of Your Dress

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Many fail to acknowledge the fact that hairstyles should also match with the dress they are wearing and most importantly, with the neckline. Besides the face, the neckline is the second most visible part of the upper body part thus why good necklaces stand out more than even the dresses they are meant to complement. A hairstyle that matches the neckline of the dress with proportional resemblance brings out the ultimate beauty in a person.

How To Combine Your Hairstyle and Neckline Of Your Dress

Types of necklines

There are many different types of necklines but here are the most common ones:

  • Boat neckline – as the name implies, this neckline resembles the shape of a boat. It is wider at the base of the neck but tapers towards the ends over the shoulders in both ends. It creates the illusion of broad shoulders and is recommended for women with small busts.
  • Square neckline – the name should be self-explanatory because it has edges or ends that form a right triangle at the chest and upper back. Dresses with this neckline work best on women with large busts. It also creates the illusion of broad shoulders.
  • Strapless neckline – this neckline does not have straps on both sides of the shoulders and come in a variety of designs from a straight neckline to curved or a sweetheart design. They work best for slender women and not those with heavy busts.
  • V-neckline – this neckline forms the shape of a V around the chest. The angle at the centre of the chest can vary from narrow to wide. This neckline goes well for all body types and can be useful in choosing the best hairstyle for dress type.
  • Sweetheart neckline – this neckline is in the shape of a heart and works best for virtually all body types. It resembles the V-neckline but with slight curves around the cleavage area. It works best if you have a matching necklace.
  • U-neckline – it forms letter U at the chest. It is not recommended for those with long or slender neck, as it tends to exaggerate them.
  • Scoop neckline – this neckline features an oval design with deep curves at the chest ends. It adds a flattering touch to the cleavage and can be more alluring with a matching necklace.

Choosing a complementing hairstyle- Tips to consider

Given the uncountable number of hairstyles that exist today. It may not be possible to discuss which style is perfect for each dress neckline and most importantly, which one you like. However, in choosing the best hairstyle for dress type, consider the following guide.

Always make the dress a priority

The type of dress, and not the hairstyle, determines the impact you will have on the occasion you are attending. With the right type, you can easily choose matching hairstyle. An up-do with gentle waves goes well with Scoop, Square, and V-necklines.

Create balance

Simple dresses match well with sophisticated hairstyles and vice versa. If you go for a strapless neckline, for instance, you want more focus on the shoulders and not the head. Braided hairstyles crafted into headbands and the ponytail work best for a strapless neckline.

Opt for a combination of updos and high necklines

Up-do hairstyles best complement dresses with high necklines. This is because the premise for wearing high necklines is to accentuate the upper body inclusive of the face and shoulders. On the other hand, if you opt for a low front design neckline, you can either choose an up-do or loose hairstyles.

Half up and half down for off the shoulder dresses

If you have long hairs, opt for hairstyles that tie one-half of the hair on top of the head while the other half hangs over the shoulder without the straps. It creates the balance between the dress and hairstyle. This style works best for the sweetheart and strapless necklines as well.

Test it and fix it

If you have the time and money, you can try out different hairstyles with different dresses before the ‘big occasion.’ It is all about creating illusion and creating balance in the process. Different hairstyles can complement the same neckline. The same concept holds true for different necklines.


A good hairstyle and matching dress accentuate beauty beyond ordinary clothes, but with a matching neckline, one can create an illusion of stunning beauty. Dress necklines will determine the relevance of makeup and other accessories because they have the ability to accentuate them or conceal them altogether. Therefore, it is important to note that before choosing the hair style that you like most, consider the dress you would like to wear with it and most importantly, the neckline of the dress in question.

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