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Great Ideas For A Special Mother’s Day Gift

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Every year, millions of people face a dilemma: What to get mom for Mother’s Day. On one hand, there are virtually limitless ideas for Mother’s Day gifts; on the contrary, you want to give your mother a gift that speaks from your heart. In fact, you can have the best of both worlds by giving a Mother’s Day gift that she’ll love while adding a little extra that will show her you care. Here are five ways to give your Mother’s Day gift that special twist.

Great Ideas For A Special Mother's Day Gift


The thought you put into your gift presentation can convey an abundance of loving feelings. If, for example, you’re giving your mother a set of cookware, use an inexpensive tablecloth as wrapping paper. If you go to traditional wrapping paper, tie a couple of cooking spoons into the package’s ribbon. Think outside of the box by not using a box at all. If you’re giving your mom a set of gardening tools, for example, present them in a decorated watering can.

Add a Little Something Extra

Demonstrate the thoughtfulness behind your Mother’s Day gift by adding a little something extra. If you’re going to buy her an MP3 player, for example, download a dozen of her favorite tunes. When she opens her gift, she’ll already have a selection of songs she can listen to. If she loves imported Italian handbags, tuck in a gift certificate to her favorite Italian restaurant.

Set the Stage

Chances are, you and your siblings don’t all live in the same geographic area as your mother. Instead of waiting until the last minute, plan ahead to make your Mother’s Day gift extra special. For example, ask your brothers and sisters to chip in and buy your mother a new LCD HDTV. But instead of simply having it delivered, have all your siblings come into town and caravan over to your mom’s house and deliver it together. She’ll be as thrilled by your visit as she will be by her new television.

Personalize Your Gift

Personalizing your Mother’s Day gift will let your mom know you care. If you choose to buy her a watch or other jewelry, have the jewelry engraved with the date. If you choose to give her luggage, have it monogrammed with her initials. If she loves animals, make a donation in her name to her local zoo. Most zoos and museums have donor programs that offer a free year’s membership. Many of them also have special displays that list donor’s names. Your mom will beam with pride when she sees her name displayed, knowing that she raised an altruistic child.

Choosing a Special Spot

Most moms will say that spending time with their children is the best Mother’s Day gift of all. If you have kids of your own or face a conflict between spending time with your mother and spending time with your mother-in-law on Mother’s Day, consider going somewhere with your mom on a day leading up to Mother’s Day. Take her on a picnic, visit a museum, or treat her to a meal at her favorite restaurant. While you’re there, give her the Mother’s Day gift you’ve selected.

Whether you select a Mother’s Day gift of cookware, electronics, jewelry, or fashion accessories, keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts. Spend some time considering the gifts your mother has given you – such as your values, your education, and her love and devotion – and be sure to express your appreciation.

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