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Good Customer Service Promotes A Brand But Needs Advanced Phone System For Quick Response

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Evolution in Technology, especially internet has given birth to a new epoch called “consumer era”. Today, internet has empowered consumers allowing them to perform their own research, share experiences, advocate for admired products or services and rate them on review sites.

This means customers can become powerful supporters, if their expectations are met, but can rapidly turn into adversaries, if ignored.

What is a Good Customer Service?

Delivery of good consumer service is habitually ignored. The main concern is that good customer service has to be maintained consistently and not just once.

In accordance to a survey report, totally satisfied consumers contribute 14 times more revenue than unsatisfied consumers. Power of mouth must not be ignored. Happy consumers recommend your business, but displeased customers share their bad experience. A single negative social network post is seen by myriads of potential customers, simultaneously. A report states that 46% customers believe in peer reviews for making purchase decision.

Business communication aspects like availability, responsiveness to enquiries and reliability of returning calls are essential to enhance consumer satisfaction. An excellent staff member is unable to meet consumer demands without the right equipment, especially in businesses with multiple working sites. In this fast-paced world, it is important to get answers speedily without any delay.

In today’s economy, businesses large or small are concentrating more on perfecting consumer experience. All the staff members work towards pleasing consumers, building loyalty and turning patrons into brand promoters.

Creating an efficient, strong consumer service process is very difficult but if you upgrade business communication technology then it can certainly help you fulfil escalating demands.

How IP technology is able to transform consumer service?

Today’s, business operations and supply chains are multifaceted because the employees are spread in different regions. IP PABX – VoIP technology is getting popular because it easily handles this issue. Employees can attend to calls anywhere from home, or while travelling. Advanced phone systems are perfect because the calls can be diverted to a specific employee. Businesses can have a centralised service, which connects different offsite working locations. Thus, there is no need to invest in costly system on every site.

Call reporting allows staying on top

Call recording feature offers thorough information like how much time is spent on each calls and how many calls are answered. This data allows you to tweak consumer service strategy, in case of shortcomings. This ensures the steadiness, responsiveness and trustworthiness, which is essential for customer satisfaction.

SIP trunking technology works fine even in disaster

VoIP is operational in any disastrous event. SIP trunking technology allows the call to be routed instantly to another location during disaster.

Staff satisfaction is as crucial as customer satisfaction

Offer your staff with flexible work arrangement. It is said to be an efficient aspect to perk employee satisfaction. Polycom conference phone system associated with employees mobile devices allow them to get the same experience of working in an office.

If consumers desire to contact your business they expect a range of options for convenience and rapid response time. With Unified communication, VoIP, and well-designed website allows customer support through live chat, SMS, high-quality voice, online submission forms, email, help desk support, and more. Thus communication technology equally enhances consumer and employee satisfaction

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