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Good and Bad Brain Foods

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It is our topmost concern to always have healthy food and more balanced diet. Good food will provide enough nutrients and we can always stay physically fit, trim and strong. More often than not, we neglect the importance of nourishment for our body. There are different kinds of nutrients that our body deserves to ensure that it can function to the fullest. Brain is probably the most essential organ and it can be affected by food that we eat. The so-called brain foods should help us maximize our brain’s potential, especially if we can utilize them properly. Foods rich in Omega 3 can keep blood vessels in our brain clear of small blockages. This will allow our nerve cells to work at their fullest capacity. It is also important to know what kind of foods and beverages that can kill our brain cells. Alcohol and some drugs could affect our brain and some food could clog our artery. It is also important to avoid consuming food with high glycemic index, because they can cause dangerous blood sugar swings that can cause our mind irritable and sluggish.

Good and Bad Brain Foods

Foods that are good for our brain include peas, collard greens, bananas, avocados, potatoes, chicken breast, lean beef, Romaine lettuce, eggs, flaxseed oil, Brewer’s yeast, broccoli, salmon, spinach, legumes, brown rice, spinach, tuna, milk, Brussels sprouts, turkey breast, oatmeal, oranges, cantaloupe, low-fat cheese, wheat germ, yogurt, peanut butter and most fruits. Bad brain foods include alcoholic beverages, high sugar beverages, foods with hydrogenated fats, junk sugar, foods with artificial colourings, artificial sweeteners, colas, frostings, white bread and corn syrups. It is often said that complex carbohydrates are good for our brain, because their molecules will take more time to be processed by our intestines and converted to simple sugar that our body can use. It means that foods with complex carbohydrates can sustain us longer, instead of giving us a surge of sugar. Also, people who are planning to lose weight will find it bearable to eat more complex carbohydrates, because they can sustain eating less food, without feeling hungry too soon.

It should be noted that food can affect the way our brain works. As an example, if we have eaten high sugar food, it is a good idea to consume legumes in previous and later meals, because they can reduce sugar absorption. This should prevent the occurrences of sugar blues. Proteins are also essential for our brain, since they provide us with essential amino acids. Neurotransmitters in our brain require amino acids to send messages between them. It means that we should have enough messengers in our brain to ensure speedy delivery of information. Amino acids like tryptophan and tyrosine are actually forerunners of neurotransmitter. It is essential to have enough of them and they can be found on both plant- and meat-based food products. Fiber could also give a lot of benefits for our brain, because it will ensure healthier digestive systems and improved absorption of brain-.friendly nutrients

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