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Going For A Home Improvement Loan- Consider These Tips

2 Mins read

It gets important to go for home improvement from time to time to update your houses. Whether you’re doing with a renting purpose or you just wish to get it renovated for your living, home improvement always enhances the value of your property.

There are several home improvement loans which you can opt for as per your circumstances like amount of down payment you can give, your credit rating etc. you also need to know about the other requirements to file for the loan. Check out the major steps you should take to get your home improvement loan sanctioned.

Going For A Home Improvement Loan- Consider These Tips

  • Find out how much money you need from the lender

Find out which sections of the house require home improvements. Hire a contractor to draft a rough estimate of the tasks which needs to be done and how much will it costs to get them done. You can get a rough idea of what amount of money you need to borrow.

  • Documentation

Collect at the required documents which lender would need. This basically includes employment proof, tax returns, bank statement and data like debt to income ratio.

  • Find out about your credit rating

You can get a free credit report from the credit agencies every year. All you need to do is request for your report copy. Check it thoroughly and see if there are any mistakes. In case, you find any error, file a dispute and get it removed. It will enhance your credit score.

  • Find a suitable lender

Search for a reputed lender to borrow from. Find the average interest rates and your loan interest rates. Do not go to the lenders who aren’t reliable. If you are opting for online, secure yourself from identity theft.

  • Home equity line of credit or home equity loan

Both are like second mortgage, however, the choice completely depends on you. While a house equity loan is full-fledged money with a fixed rate of interest. It depends on the home equity; the home equity line of credit features a variable rate of interest depending on the principal. It is more like a credit card where the interest is paid on the money you take.

  • Know all the points before signing

Unluckily, everyone doesn’t read the finely printed statements as it is boring to read and quite time consuming. However, you can spend a little time and read the terms and condition, so that you are aware of every small and big thing before signing the document.

  • Draft a budget

Opting for a home improvement loan is like another mortgage on your home. If by any means, you fail to make the payment, you will lose the house. Thus, it is important to draft a budget to assure that you make all the payments on time without any delay also calculate with Loan Calculator Kenya. It will help you decide how much you can afford to spend on other things. Click here to hire a counselor to help you segregate your expenses and pave way for loan repayment.

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