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Godrej OASIS – 5 Reasons To Give Newness To Your Investment

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I’m sure the topic is skeptical for many readers who are reading it at the moment because it is always a surprise to know that a property investment can actually give you out of the blue benefits, it’s been heaps of years that I have not seen much transformation in the real estate market for which there are amply of reasons to blame and really if I have to take them into consideration then  it would be, prices that are touching sky, properties which are dodgy and placed  in front of us just to allure, but actually they are of no big use when it comes to “return over investment”.

Godrej OASIS - 5 Reasons To Give Newness To Your Investment

It’s about all of us who hankered for strong and authentic properties that not only drive the desire for living with class, but at the same time, it gives assurance that whatever we have is enough to multiply your capital and appendage to the existing one.

Property to experience freshness in investment

Now the property to experience real discounts and real lifestyle which is ample to get a property denoting class, satisfaction and perfection is “Godrej Oasis Gurgaon” this housing project is planned to form an effective realm to live a comfortable life with complete security system to keep all intact and let them enjoy the space in the form of 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 bedroom apartments along with the outspread modern amenities which are there to fillip the lifestyle of those who are waiting for that one “ideal lifestyle”.

How about the location?

As it is strategically located in sector 88A, Gurgaon so it comes with comfortable location where one is gratis to make their travelling all feasible, closeness to IGI Airport and proposed metro to make better way to travel, Dwarka, Faridabad, Delhi, etc. enjoy its nearness from the location, good social infrastructures are within the premises to make day to day lifestyle better.

Now back to what we were here. Here come 5 fast provoking reasons to make your investment decision into a final decision:-

1 Book home in just Rs 50, 000/- only

With this booking amount one is gratis to hold its dream property and such like booking amount is an amount that doesn’t even disturb your capital chart and in fact, this booking amount is an amount which has never seen before, at least, I’ve not seen it. In general, the basic booking amount for any property is 10 per cent of the total value of the project, eg property worth 1 cr, booking amount 10 lakhs. So this is something incredible that is hard to come across in every second property. So grab it cherish it.

2 Price is equivalent to its launched price

Missed the opportunity two years back? Not a big deal because without getting affected by the property rise you still can grab your dream home in a price range that is flexible and easy to bear even after the pass of 2 years.

3 Captivating Assured gift Voucher from Rs 50,000/- To Rs 5, 00,000/-

This exciting gift voucher is confirmed after you book your property in Rs 50, 000/-, so just try your luck and see what you get from this thrilling deal, it could be an iphone to a chance to have a sojourn in  your dream destination like Paris, Rome or Auckland.

4 Payment plan 20/20/20/20/20 till possession

This payment plan is introduced for the first time by the Godrej Properties to give right balance in your payment cycle without feeling loaded with too much of investment; generally, there are plans like 40:60, 30:30:40, 20:80, 10:90 where bit discomfort makes it daunting in making intact payment. So give equal installments and keep yourself out of worry!

5 Free maintenance, 5 quarters (15 months), it’s astonishing

Something really big to enjoy after, such kind of freeness has not been offered yet by any builder, and for this, we all give kudos to the builder for taking such customer’s beneficial step to keep them away from making any surplus payments which they (including I) feels is unwanted to entertain. At least, for 15 months residents will be exempted from making payments for maintenance.

Do you still believe that all this is unreal? No worries because this is something that is hard to imbibe, as such fast provoking 5 points have never meet any property to compel any investor or home buyer to grasp the property which comes with such big brand name like Godrej Properties and with such luring modern features under one roof to experience “one valuable” lifestyle and hold bravura asset. So, it’s our smartness how beautifully we take benefits out of it to ascend capital profile and lifestyle.

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