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Give Your Kitchen A Hardwood Classic Facelift

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More than most other elements, the finish materials with which you adorn your kitchen will determine its look. This means that if you want to change the look of your kitchen, the easiest way to do it is to switch out some of the finish materials. While many different materials provide beauty to a kitchen, none provide the classic beauty of hardwood. To help you design your dream kitchen, here are some tips to help you give your space a classic hardwood facelift.

Give Your Kitchen A Hardwood Classic Facelift

New Countertops

When properly installed, wood countertops can make a dramatic statement that adds a major dose of classic beauty to your kitchen. Wood has been a preferred countertop material for centuries, meaning your wood countertops will never go out of style. The key with wood countertops is to ensure they are properly sealed so that they don’t absorb moisture or cause cross-contamination risks. If you can overcome these challenges, though, wood countertops make a great choice.

New Cabinets

In addition to providing necessary storage space, countertops help to frame your kitchen and provide a sense of space. Therefore, during a custom kitchen remodel, adding hardwood cabinets will add a touch of class and classic style that can’t be matched. Unlike standard builder-grade cabinets, high-end hardwood cabinets provide durability that will keep your cabinets beautiful for years to come. Plus, hardwood serves as a great paintable surface if you choose to change the look of your cabinets down the road.

New Floors

While tile floors do well in kitchens, hardwood floors certainly have their place. Hardwood floors are durable, easy to clean, and can be found in a range of colors to match your kitchen decor. Another perk of hardwood floors is that they provide more cushioning than tile floors, helping to protect vulnerable dishes and jars more than other flooring choices. You’ll want to invest in cleaners specifically designed to clean hardwood floors to help protect the natural beauty of your floors even when spills occur.

New Table

If you have an eat-in kitchen, a hardwood table can make a great statement piece that friends and family will love to congregate around. Whether you choose a more rustic design that preserves the natural shape of the tree or you choose a solid wood table in a more traditional shape, you can’t go wrong with a real wood table. Some people avoid these types of tables because they can’t be shortened when fewer people are eating. If you’re already in the midst of a renovation, though, you can design your kitchen around your table to ensure there’s plenty of room for the table and the other elements in the kitchen.

Check for Sustainability

When you consider hardwood for your kitchen remodel, it’s important to do your best to find wood that is sustainably sourced. After all, you want your children and grandchildren to have trees to renovate their kitchens, as well. Another option is to re-purpose older wood materials to bring their beauty into your home so that their stories can continue.

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