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Get Whole-tone With 2-in-1Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer With Seat – $199

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This body rider elliptical comes along with a seating facility like that of a fitness bike. It has integrated features and BRD2000 is the model to select for home gym if you wish to get a perfect body under your budget. The designing features of the body rider are created with the purpose to venture elliptical trainer with an exercise bike to cater to the emerging trend in combination trainers. As a result this dual functional proform hybrid trainer provides excellent muscle toning workouts for the entire body along with effective cardiovascular.

Modified Resistance Settings

  • Body Rider BRD2000 resistance function is fully controlled with a common friction belt system.
  • You can use the tension knob placed in front to make adjustments while in the motion.
  • Changing resistance level is not at all challenging as you can always re-strap your friction belt wrapped around the wheel.
  • The protective end caps are fitted with the base stabilizers to guide for the leveling of the equipment. This will enable for a consistent workout even at higher level of resistance.

Suave Pedal Motion

The foot pedals in the dual core elliptical trainer have been positioned in such a way to go with a universal range of motion. The seat of the body rider is adjustable both vertically and horizontally, so if you wish to do cycling in a seated position then you can change it as per your needs. The transport wheels are lightweight that makes cycling easy with the moving machine. You can get flat and in the shape of a symmetrical ellipse with the easy to follow instructions of body rider elliptical. It enables to undergo elliptical machine exercises as well as cycling at the same time. The pedals also make sure to not let the seat interrupt is smooth cycling. The stout set of handles enables a natural position for yourself that distress pressure from the lower back and ensure you to hold onto the handles on either side of the display.

Console Display Structure

You are getting double doing machines in 1 equipment that offers both elliptical and cycling exercises. You can keep a record of your routine physical activity, calories burned, steps taken, distance travelled in a motion.

Workout Programs Manual

Body Rider BRD2000 would possibly be the best choice for you for mainly two reasons of dual function training plus pricing. It is also to be noted that such type of elliptical trainer barely comes with workout program instructions, but the BRD2000 comes with a body rider trainer manual.

Assembly Gets Easy

The primary activity you would want to do is to get the new body rider fitness equipment installed securely at home and then make the initiate for your weight loss and fitness goal. You can install the machine by yourself in less than an hour. Crankshafts fitting are the only thing that might take some time otherwise base stabilizer attachment or tools compilation is a no time taking task.

The body rider 2-in-1 cardio dual trainer reviews says that the exercise equipment is ideal for full body muscle toning, body shaping and cardiovascular motion so that you can work out serenely in isolation at home. The reasonably priced body rider can be great substitute for a holistic center.

You can buy the equipment via online with free shipping.

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