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Get Help With Chronic Pain

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Pain and Regenerative Center in Monroe, New Jersey

Do you have chronic neck or back pain or any related injuries in Monroe, New Jersey? Help is here!

Check out the website for Pain and Regenerative Center of Monroe N.J., a healthcare center designed and focused on your chiropractic pain treatment in Monroe, N.J.

Get Help With Chronic Pain


Dr. Gribbin of the Pain and Regenerative Center specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing various musculoskeletal disorders that have to do with much neck and back injuries as well as those in the joints, muscle, tissues, tendons, and etc.

Procedures (EMG/NCV and P/VNG)

Procedures used include:

  • electromyography and nerve conduction studies to diagnose:

    • carpal tunnel syndrome

    • ulnar and radial nerves entrapment

    • tarsal tunnel syndrome

    • meralgia paresthetica

    • P/VNG to diagnose peripheral and central vestibular dysfunction

      • Performed in-office

      • Treated with vestibular rehabilitation available on site


Services provided include the following, all of which are listed on the website:

  • spine and pain treatment

  • sports medicine

  • regenerative medicine

  • anti-aging and aesthetics medicine

  • medical weight loss

  • fall prevention program

Spine and Pain Treatment

Spine and pain treatment includes treatment of the cervical spine in cases of strains, sprains, herniated discs, lateral facet, joint injuries, and painful muscle spasms. It also includes treatment of cervicalgia, chronic neck pain, cervicogenic headaches, tension headaches, cervical radiculopathy, and plexopathy (pain radiating to the elbow, wrist, or hand).

It also includes treatment of neck pain and chronic migraine headaches with botox injections which are FDA approved.

Sports Medicine Treatments

Sports Medicine includes treatments of sports injuries, pharmacological treatments, and physical treatments.

  • Treatments of sports injuries include but are not limited to cervical and lumbar spine/neck and back: strains, sprains, herniated discs, lateral facet, joint injuries, painful muscle spasms, and sciatica. They also include shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand injuries: joint, tendon, muscle, and nerve injuries. Regenerative medicine also comes into the picture with platelets rich plasma (PRP) injections.

  • Pharmacological treatments include oral medications, topical medications, and intraarticular injections.

  • Physical treatments include temperature treatments (ice/heat), climate, modalities, exercise, external support with braces, and assisted devices and adoptive equipment.

Regenerative Treatments

  • The emphasis here is on regenerating joints, tendons, muscle, skin and wounds rather than replacing them. This is done with PRP (platelets rich plasma injections) and PPP (platelets poor plasma injections).

Anti-Aging and Aesthetics Medicine

As, of course, this medicine does not necessarily involve chronic neck pain, it is also a service provided by the center for anti-aging procedures and aesthetic procedures.

Medical Weight Loss Treatment

As weight loss can help sometimes with chronic neck pain, exercise, low calorie diets, and vitamins are enforced in this medical weight loss treatment program to help manage weight and reduce strain on the area causing pain.

With medical centers like the Pain and Regenerative Center, it is no longer a hassle to deal with chiropractic pain treatment in Monroe, N.J. Find the suitable help and relief you seek. Your next appointment is only a click away.

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