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German Trujillo Manrique- Soccer for Physical Fitness

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Soccer is loved game across the world. Most people learn soccer when they are kids. However, some adults love soccer so much that they embrace it when they are adults for physical fitness and exercise. Soccer is a great way to stay healthy and fit as it involves a lot of running around. Moreover, it is fun as you get to play the sport with a team and you do not have to exercise alone at the gym or home!

German Trujillo Manrique – The benefits of soccer for adults

German Trujillo Manrique is an avid soccer fan in the USA. He is also a dog owner and beachcomber. When it comes to the game of soccer, he says that as an adult, you can learn soccer; however, if you aspire to play at a higher level, it is prudent to start early. He says that soccer needs a lot of movement so your body should be very flexible. If you want to play at a higher level, it is prudent for you to enroll under the tutelage of a good coach who will introduce you to the basics of the game. You should be aware of the rules when it comes to playing soccer.

A team game

Yes, soccer is a team game, and it is crucial for you to have team spirit. He says that soccer is not an individual game, and there are no single wins. In the case of victories and losses, the entire team rejoices or becomes sad. When you play soccer, the first thing you should cooperate with your teammate as the bigger goal is to win a game together.

The earlier, the better

Now, why should you start playing soccer early? Though soccer looks like a very simple sport where you run around the field after a ball; it is very physically demanding. He says that it is advised you take up soccer early as you become older, it is challenging for you to pick up the tricks of the game. Again, as mentioned above, there are others you play with who are very good at the sport. These players may play at a higher level than you, and so here you need to keep their performance levels in mind when you play the game. The practice is the only way to make you perfect in the game. You should also be disciplined when it comes to performing the supplementary exercises for fitness if you wish to take up the game on a serious note.

German Trujillo Manrique says that he loves soccer and follows both national and international tournaments that are related to it. It is a beautiful game that is not complicated for one to learn. However, as mentioned above, it is prudent to start early so that you can play late into your life.  Besides football, he loves beachcombing as well. He currently lives in Florida and loves to go to the beach with his dog and his friends.

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