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Furniture and Design Trends to Keep in Mind This Year

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This year’s lifestyle trends are heavily influencing consumers’ residential furniture selections. One of the most prominent current lifestyle trends is that many people are choosing to spend their time at home rather than going out for meals and entertainment. This nesting at home trend has resulted in massive numbers of recent home remodeling projects and new furniture purchases. The following are some of the top priority furniture trends to keep in mind this year.

Comfortable Home Office Furnishings

Increasing numbers of people are choosing to work from home, and they’ve been designing and furnishing comfortable home office spaces to use for this purpose. Some of the home office furniture items that are trending up in popularity include comfortably padded ergonomic chairs, expansive computer workstations, spacious desks, electronics charging stations, and powerful desk lamps. Sturdy hanging wall shelving units and tall stand alone bookshelves are also of interest to consumers who are designing work spaces at home. You might also want to equip your new desk with organizational accessories for an extra touch of both aesthetics and practicality.

Minimalist Sectional Couches

Thanks to the trend to stay at home, comfortable seating remains one of the highest priority purchases for consumers who are remodeling their living rooms or furnishing newly-built interiors. Many consumers are currently choosing traditionally popular groupings of furnishings for their main living spaces. For example, the look of the moment involves a sleek, minimalist sectional couch paired with other complementary furnishings such as modern style chairs, coffee tables, and end tables. Mid century modern furniture silhouettes remain popular, with Eames chairs and Saarinen chairs being timely choices. There are options to go for bold colors like emerald green or soft neutrals like beige or gray for your living room sofa. One of these styles is sure to blend nicely with the rest of your decor.

Unique Shapes

One popular look at the moment is that of uniquely shaped furniture, especially curved pieces with soft angles. To achieve this, consider a bold accent chair for your living room or bedroom. A curved shape with a colored velvet fabric will be sure to make a statement and draw the eye. If you want to make less of a commitment, however, you could experiment with accessories like throw pillows, mirrors, or other small decor pieces. This can be a great way to explore your style before making any big purchases. 

Patterned Area Rugs 

Eye-catching area rugs are currently popular for decorating virtually every area of the home. Hardwood flooring has been trendy over the course of the past decade, and sizable numbers of consumers have been using area rugs as an added design element in their rooms that have wood flooring. Area rugs are popping up in trendy living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and family rooms. To a lesser degree, area rugs are even being used in kitchens and bathrooms that also have wood flooring since they can protect the integrity of the flooring as well as add comfort to the space. Look for unique patterns and vintage styles for a contemporary look.


Wallpaper has become a staple in many interior designers’ tool belts. It is a great way to add a lot of color, texture, and visual interest to a space. Styles range from vintage florals to art deco and more modern designs. If you are a renter and not allowed to paint, peel-and-stick wallpaper can be an especially great option since you can achieve the custom look you want without losing your security deposit. 

Interesting Textures

One of the latest trends involves grouping varying textured furnishings. Some of the latest textured furniture pieces include boucle-upholstered sofas, sculpted rattan chairs, knotted wood tables, furry scatter cushions and shaggy rugs. Some people are even choosing richly textured wallpapers to complete the look. Light fixtures such as rattan pendants can also be a great way to incorporate additional texture into your design.

These are the most prominent furniture trends to keep in mind this year. These items would all be fantastic choices to consider purchasing right now, because using them in your living environment can help to ensure that your decorating scheme will be current with the latest interior design trends as well as comfortable and functional for your family’s needs.

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