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Fresh and Soft Lamb Meat

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Lamb meat, when cooked right is one of the most delicious food that meat lovers can have. The meat is soft, succulent and very juicy and can surely set your taste buds tingling. Lamb is one meat that needs to be consumed from meat that is trusted and healthy. Licious is one site that ensures that your lamb meat is delivered fresh and absolutely soft. The meat can be cooked easily at home and directly as soon as it is received.

Lamb from the Best:

The lamb that is received from Licious is sourced from the best in the business and we make sure that it is fresh and tasty. There are plenty of choices if one is looking to order lamb from Licious and the guarantee of excellence is present in every single piece.


There is the lamb curry cut that one can use to cook some amazing lamb stew or curry. Then there is a biryani cut for anyone who is looking to make lamb biryani at home. Lamb mince is a great choice if you want to make tasty minced dishes that are excellent in rolls and stuffed in buns.

Licious provides a range of lamb legs and the shoulder curry cut if you are expecting guests for an evening soiree. For those who want to experiment a little bit, lamb chops are naturally tender and flavourful to spice up your dinner fare.

If you are someone who loves to consume lamb brain, then do not fret, we have that available here at Licious. Just log on and place your order and rest assured that you will receive quality meat delivered right to your doorstep.

About Licious:

Licious is an online portal that bridges the gap for consumers to purchase their meat. Lamb requires to be of the best quality and at Licious we take our need for fresh meat very seriously. Licious ensures that only the best portions are made available to you, and we even make sure every cut of meat that we deliver has been inspected for quality.

The meat from Licious goes through a rigorous quality check so that we uphold our high standards. Choose from our excellent range and get meat delivered with just one click. Ordering from Licious ensures that quality and freshness are guaranteed, and we only provide you with the best from a range of delectable treats.

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