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First-timer Caution Points to Note About Home Blood Sample Collection Dwarka!

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Has your doctor advised you a blood test? For all those ailing people, who fear blood tests – going to a lab for the test is not the best option. However, via home blood sample collection Dwarka, one can ease this ordeal.

First-timer Caution Points to Note About Home Blood Sample Collection Dwarka!

Here comes another question. What is the probability that blood collected from home under variable temperature conditions and then taken to a lab for tests will lead to correct results? After all – pollution, untoward incidents, and hazards are natural occurrences which may harm the blood sample.  Well, in current times, such issues do not occur – since the sample collectors are well equipped.

Still stuck with doubts? – Collection of blood, cautionary measures, and other details? To get answers to these doubts – scroll down!

How does one collect the blood samples from home?

A phlebotomist who collects the blood knows the procedure that the patient must follow. Take a look!

Firstly, the patient is asked to sit or lie down. Then, the phlebotomist will constrict your arm and find the correct vein to draw blood. After this, the phlebotomist will weaken that area with alcohol. Finally, he or she will cover that area with an adhesive bandage.

In this way – one conducts blood test at home to derive results.

How is it sent to the lab?

After the phlebotomist collects this sample, he or she immediately labels it and packs it for complete security – both environmental and technical. Then, it is sent to a lab for carrying out the desired tests, within a specified time-period (5 hours).

Cautionary measures one must take

Now, while one does this blood test at home, it is important to take some measures. The concerned phlebotomist will suggest them a day or two before this test. Also, you can cross-check these details before you choose a phlebotomist.

  • Complete information of this test

Before one gives their blood sample, it is important to know details of that blood test. The Phlebotomist provides these details and ensures that the patient is ready for the test. In case, you have any doubts about what food you must eat, whether you must fast or not, do ask these questions before giving a test sample.

  • Using the correct equipment

It is very important to use fresh needles and bandage for this test, and authentic phlebotomist do use the same. However, it is also one’s responsibility to check sealed needles and follow proper skin sterilization methods.

  • Hygiene issues

In this case, there are certain factors to note:

  • The concerned area must be sterile
  • One must use sterilized cotton balls and gloves, and disposable syringe
  • One should wipe that specific area with antiseptic wipe
  • One should also see that the phlebotomist makes a correct tourniquet

Experts from authentic home blood sample collection Dwarka ensure that all these details are followed.

  • Collection and labeling of samples

You must check that after collecting this blood sample, phlebotomist immediately seals the same and keeps it in a cool box. There is a process to label these samples, after which they are sent for a lab test. One should maintain 3-degree centigrade temperature to derive correct results.

Are you now confident about giving blood samples at home? Well, make it a point that you consult experts who deal with home blood sample collection Dwarka to get accurate results.

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