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Final Year Students In Australian Universities Find Themselves Clueless

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The grass is always greener on the other side!

When we were in school, all we wanted was to grow up and go to college.

When in college – all we want is to get over with it and start working and get independent.

Never do we realize what a mess we get ourselves into once we grow up. How happy and carefree life was as children! Alas, change is the only constant and nothing can stop life from moving on.

For all the students appearing in their final year in colleges in Australia, they too must be really excited that finally all the monitoring and  examinations will be coming to an end and they can live their lives on their own. Little do they know the difficulties, the challenges and pressures that the so called “cool” life will bring their way.

We got some tips for you on what the final year students should spend their time on, that will make their journey henceforth easier

Who’s Who?

Not on social media, but elsewhere too. It will really matter who you know and how much when you look for a job since many organizations first hire from internal references before posting a job vacancy. Which means, most vacancies will be filled even before you get to know of it. Therefore, it is important to do networking and try to get in touch with people from the industry.

Resume Check

Your resume is your entry ticket to any job. Where ever you go, it will be the first chance you get to pose an impression on the employers. Therefore, update and improve your resume regularly. It should be an on-going process to fix your CV to make sure it presents you in an impressive manner.

Final Year Students In Australian Universities Find Themselves Clueless

Make Up Your Mind On Where You Want To Be!

Before reality strikes and you are left stranded in a barren land, with no where to go and no one to help, it is better to decide on what you want to do after college. Narrow down on the kind of organizations and job profiles you would like to take-up. Look up what would be the expectations of the employer in the given profiles and try to build your CV on those lines. Also, start applying for jobs early. There are many organizations that hire early. Least of all, start emailing your contacts so that they keep you in the pipeline.

Being Realistic 

The last thing would be to be realistic, ready to face the realities of life and most importantly, learn to value money. Save some if you can, for it is a habit that you will need to develop soon. Because savings if not done may hamper the economic’s of a students life.

Don’t Look Up to your Friends Always

You should have friends. You should always have best friends. But when comes down to the point of career. It is best sometimes to not keep following your friends. Its ok to be in touch & share about each other’s progress. But one must have an independent approach towards career. Nothing should hold you back. Following some friend blindly can actually screw you life.

The grass is also greener where you water it daily

This blog is written by Bella Williams , who is private tutor in Information Technology at Expert Assignment Help and loves working with students to help them out with IT assignments and software packages for their capstone projects. She breathes and lives around international students and understands their problems. She also conducts educational tours for students during vacation.

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