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Feed Your Family Like Royalty—At a Rice-and-Beans Price

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Like everything else, the cost of food keeps rising. However, there are ways to use your grocery budget to buy specialty items that will dress up an entire meal. Here are some easy tips for stretching the budget to check off luxury items on your supermarket shopping list.

Use Discounts

You probably don’t need to clip coupons anymore except for the occasional ones that arrive in the mail. Now all you need is a smart shopper card from your favorite grocers to get great deals on products that will feed your family fabulous dishes with special touches. Look for e-coupons online that can be transferred directly to your super shopper swipe card or key ring mini-card. Coupon Surfer offers a selection of coupons, while most chain stores like Aldi and Marc’s provide online downloadable coupon discounts. Frequent shopper cards can rack up bonus points and rewards, which may save you even more money.

Shop Reduced Cost Aisles

Most supermarkets and produce shops have a section for reduced items that are close to their expiration date or possibly not in top condition. Many of these items can be salvaged and utilized in gourmet recipes to impress your family and feed their hungry appetites. Asparagus, shrimp, and French baguette loaves are just a few of the popular items that can often be found discounted but usable for special meals at home. Check bakeries for low-cost deluxe cakes and cookies, and check coffee shops for sales events on their special-brand coffees and teas.

Buy in Bulk

Look for large inventories of your family’s gourmet favorites. Big supplies often translate into lower prices. When you find delightful items on sale, buy several and freeze the extras for another day. Stock up on necessary base items that go into your prize recipes, possibly bouillon, nuts, or imported goods.

Splurge a Little

While trimming the budget in these routine ways, buy your favorite top quality items now and then for a holiday meal or celebration. Enjoying artichokes or morel mushrooms on occasion will make the meal especially enjoyable. They also boost regular meals when these unique items are served. A pricey torte now and then is worth the smiles it will bring to loved ones sitting around the dinner table.

Mealtime can be especially meanwhile with a little extra effort and minimal additional cost. Use your sleuthing talents to discover discounts, hoard treasures, and creatively mix up new dishes that your family will find irresistible.

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