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Explore the Most Important Must-have Features of Web Based Contact Management Software

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Web Based Contact Management Software

Effective contact management is essential for any company: from a tiny startup to a huge enterprise. The deployment of a suitable automation solution can help businesses of any size acquire more high quality leads. If you want to establish a loyal community of customers, you will definitely appreciate the full extent of abilities that contact management has to offer. The beauty of contact management software is that it gives your company an opportunity to have a clear vision of who your customers are and how to meet the high standards of customer service they establish. Nowadays, keeping your customers pleased is more important than ever as businesses have come to realize that customer satisfaction has become a valid business goal. If you want attract more customers, you will have to build trust with your potential clients, which is only achievable if you utilize efficient contact management software. However, finding the most suitable software is not as simple because you have to choose an automation solution that would meet the specific needs of your business. At the same time, you should know the essential features of such software.

Cloud hosting

The benefits of cloud based systems have been mentioned countless times. In the modern environment they are apparent and include lower investments, more affordable payments, accessibility and timely data updates. Not to mention web based deployment reduces the total costs of ownership. In the past people were concerned about the security of web-based solutions, but the servers where your automation solution is hosted today are placed in highly secured datacenters and you will not experience any trouble while downloading or using the software, nor when the version updates are introduced.

Socio-demographic information

Obviously, tracking basic customer information will not be enough to establish a strong connection with your customers. You will have to amass much more valuable data if you want to have a better understanding of who your target audience actually is. Effective web based contact management applies various tracking indicators to collect additional information that includes, but is not limited to, business scale and industry, geography, notable events, the history of a contact’s career path etc. Moreover, you can take your online contact management on a whole new level of productivity if the software is equipped with social media tools. That way, you can enrich your contacts’ profiles with valuable data that is extracted from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Bpm’online, for instance, is quite proficient at aggregating the necessary information from various sources.

bpmonline Web Based Contact Management Software

Website behavior tracking

Powerful contact management software provides website behavior tracking as a useful leverage for collecting valuable data. Though being anonymous, potential buyers may be visiting your website and still provide you with just enough information to plan your future communications with each and every one of them. The website behavior tracking provides you with important data like the traffic source and location of your potential buyers. As the person browses through your website, the system automatically monitors their journey. Also, recent studies suggest that 63% of people who show interest in your products and services will not purchase within 3 months and it takes more than a year to make a purchase for 20% of buyers. Obviously, the sales cycle is a long process and the potential buyer will return to the website at some point: sometimes using a different browser, or from a different device. All of that important data is carefully collected by effective website behavior tracking, which enables your marketing team to plan personalized communications accordingly.

Customer database analytics

Analytics plays a pivotal role while establishing efficient contact management as you can customize and analyze the structure of your customer database. Moreover, you can adjust and set up different parameters while continuously monitoring all new leads. The system applies various analytical indicators for you to scale the overall coverage of existing and potential buyers in your database. Not only does the system help you monitor the customer journey on your website, but also enables you to determine lead generation channels and sources. All of the information is collected in the lead profiles and displayed in dashboard analytics. Keep tabs on all lead sources to evaluate the usefulness of lead generation channels used in your marketing campaigns and concentrate your efforts on the best performing channels. While keeping your focus on the best performing communication channels, the analytics gives you an opportunity to pinpoint the lead generation channels that need to be improved.

The ultimate goal of deploying an online contact management software is to help businesses create a 360-degree overview of each of their contacts. That way, you will be able to constantly stay in touch with your target audience and deliver sophisticated and personalized marketing campaigns. As a result result, you will be able to produce more high-quality leads for your sales team. At the same time, your sales representatives will benefit from such automation, as they will be able to handle lead management and opportunity management more efficiently than ever. The deep understanding of needs and preferences of their clients will enable them to close more deals in less time. Learn more useful information about web based contact management here –


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