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Features Of An Ideal Strategic Planning Facilitation Workshop and Qualities Of A Good Facilitator

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Due to extreme engagement in daily activities, the executive and upper management team finds it difficult to consider strategic matters. In addition, they are closely attached to the company, so their decisions can be partial, while making an attempt to translate their strategic objectives.

In such moments, there is a need for ‘facilitator’, who will run the meeting allowing the chief executive to participate and not lose credibility. There are several strategic planning facilitation workshop providers. The facilitation workshop includes the practice necessary for handling strategic planning meetings as well as help in preparing an approved strategic plan.

The facilitator does not lead the planning process but the company’s CEO is the leader. The facilitator is independent and will control their opinion. They will give their opinion, when asked. A facilitator ensures that the balance of discussion is not pushed far or is leaned more on one side.

How should a strategic planning facilitation workshop be?

Structured conversations

In the workshop, the communication need not be a talkfest. The meeting is not just chatting about future with no real agenda, purpose, or consequences.

A strategy facilitation session is somewhat like a seminar. For example, it is like a small group of research students discussing reports and findings with their mentor regularly. It is a small conference, where ideas are exchanged. A strategic planning facility workshop session includes structured conversation that includes all these suggestions and more.

Offering opportunities

The facilitator and CEO plan several sessions. It is they who are clear on the members to be involved.

Opportunities available will depend on different things like –

  • Stage of strategic planning process
  • Practices employed at the workshop facilitation
  • Form of workshop used for the process
  • Participants motivations
  • Facilitators skills
  • Involved teams eagerness for this kind of activity

Exercise responsibility

Workshop is a place, where implementation of agreed strategies is rehearsed. It is necessary to engage the appropriate member in this process. In other words, people who are responsible for results of executing particular strategies. Moreover, these people are liable for connecting these strategies to ongoing real business operations.

These facilitation workshop has to involve basically all the responsible people in the planning team. It will give everyone an opportunity to connect with one another in strategy creating process. It can inspire them to follow and manage the strategic plan correctly.

How a facilitator will run the session?

  • A facilitator will guide the meeting by asking tight questions at the right time and point the facts. He will also set timing for every section on agenda. This allows completing the session on time, which is appreciated. Some unfinished sessions can be continued at the end of current sessions, if time allows with approval from all participants.
  • A good facilitator ensures that every member participating agrees the first segment before moving to next section or else the remaining discussion will be useless.
  • Never plan lengthy sessions, allow breaks for people to check their mails and messages, get heavy discussions concluded in the morning and conduct group discussions at noon.

It is also advisable to organize follow-up meetings to filter the findings and double check relevant recommendations of the strategic plan.

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