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Facts About OBGYN

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‘OBGYN’ is a term that refers to medical specialties associated with gynecology and obstetrics. The latter is considered to be the medical field which provides training to physicians to provide utmost care to all pregnant patients and to deliver healthy babies. On the other hand, gynecology is referred to as the medical field which trains physicians to treat and diagnose disorders related to female reproductive organs. Often physicians are found to train in both the specialties since both tend to deal intimately with the pathophysiology, function, and anatomy of female reproductive tract. All women are treated by OBGYN physicians non-surgically or surgically, irrespective of their planning to get pregnant or undergoing pregnancy.

Male or female doctor

Female doctors are commonly visited for getting the treatment in many parts of the world due to comfort and convenience. There are also a good number of male doctors who practice OBGYN medicine. The doctor practicing gynecological or obstetric medicine might even specialize in reproductive endocrinology, perinatology, pelvic reconstructive surgery, oncology, pediatric, family planning, menopausal gynecology or adolescent gynecology. Visiting the best and qualified doctor to avail medicine immunology in pregnancy is of utmost importance.

About perinatology

It is stated to be a medicinal field focusing on the fetus and mother’s health. Special emphasis is laid upon high risk fetal surgery or pregnancy management. Childbirth can be quite precipitous. Hence the perinatologists’ goal is to minimize child and mother mortality and morbidity.

About Reproductive Endocrinologists

They are the professionals who provide assistance to patients and have better understanding and knowledge to diagnose, treat and deal with infertility related issues. Fertility can be caused due to several anatomical, congenital and biological issues. Hence, the treatment to be provided should focus on interventions to help the couples to become pregnant normally. Series of tests are conducted on the woman as well as her partner. This helps to narrow down infertility source and to come up with series of recommendations to be adhered to based upon determined diagnosis.

About OBGYN Oncology

It is considered to be a medical subspecialty which deals with cancer, both non-surgically and surgically found in the female urinary tract and reproductive organs. Often, cancer spreads quickly and hence, it becomes crucial to consult the medical professional in the early stages to determine the best available therapy to derive relief. Whether systemic chemotherapy or local excision required, it is the experienced and well trained physician who can offer better guidance and education to their patients. They also help them to take well informed decisions.

About Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

This treatment is fast becoming common among women experiencing pelvic organ prolapse or urinary incontinence because of childbirth or pregnancy. One common urine leakage type faced by women having weak pelvic-floor muscles is ‘stress incontinence’. Pelvic floor exercises undoubtedly are non-invasive treatment method that can offer long term positive results. The other options present include sling implantation or pessary.

Treatment of oncology in pregnancy is best done by a qualified, experienced and specialist doctor.


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