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Facts About Colostrum For Health

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How safe is colostrum? 

Colostrum is completely safe.  Colostrum is a whole and natural food with No toxicity levels and can be consumed in any quantity without any adverse side effects.

How does colostrum interact with other medicines and supplements?

Colostrum has no known interactions with any medications or supplements.  Since colostrum begins by healing internally, you may find that your body will be better able to absorb nutrients.  Have your doctor monitor your results with colostrum. Over a period of time you may not need as much medication.

How much colostrum should I take?

The amount of colostrum you take varies from person to person.  Many people prefer to start on colostrum by “super-loading.”  This means taking 10 to 15 capsules per day (or more) for the first couple weeks and working down to a desired amount.

Another way to start on colostrum is slowly.  By taking 1 capsule twice per day for the first few days and then increasing your amount up to your desired dosage.

A general rule is to take 1000mgs of colostrum for each 50 pounds of body weight, split up twice per day.  However, the amount you take for your specific concerns or desired results is completely up to you.

If you feel stressed, feel a cold coming on or suffer from jet lag, a few extra colostrum can help tremendously.

Facts About Colostrum For Health

How will colostrum help me lose weight?

First, when losing weight you want to be sure you’re losing fat and inches.  Many times when starting any diet or program the initial weight loss you see isn’t fat at all, it’s water and muscle.

When starting on colostrum, remember that fat weighs less than muscle and although your scales wont tip right away you will be losing fat, which means you will be losing inches.

Colostrum works even better when combined with normal exercise.

How long until I start losing weight?

With colostrum you will probably notice an inch loss before you see pound lost on the scales.  The reason for this is because colostrum helps you lose weight by building stronger and leaner muscles which will burn fat, but muscles weigh more than fat, so the inch loss typically comes first and then the weight loss follows.

How fast you lose weight can also depend on how much colostrum you take.  People who take more colostrum get faster and more profound results.  Your diet and amount of exercise plays a factor as well.  Taking colostrum DOES NOT mean you can eat anything you want to and still lose weight.

Can I take colostrum with the Carb-Lo and Carb-Lo PM? 

Yes you can!  There are no side effects combining all of these natural products together in your diet.  HOWEVER, The Carb-Lo PM Liquid should be taken on an empty stomach with no other proteins.  Since colostrum does have proteins in it, then you don’t want to take them both at the same or it will reduce the effectiveness of the Carb-Lo PM.

What is the difference between the weight loss with colostrum and the weight loss with the Carb-Lo System?

The weight loss you experience with colostrum will typically be slower.  Since colostrum helps build leaner muscles which helps burn fat, weight loss is slower than with the Carb-Lo System.

The Carb-Lo System is an actual weight loss program.  The kicker is the Carb-Lo Tablets, which you take with your meals and snacks to prevent the excess carbohydrates you eat from packing on the fat.  If you tend to eat a lot of carbohydrates and sugars, this product may not just help you lose weight, but boost your health as well.

In terms of weight loss, the Carb-Lo PM Liquid works a little like colostrum, except that it helps boost the release of your own HGH to build lean muscles and burn fat.  Learn more on natural hgh for sale products.

Should I be taking colostrum if I am pregnant?

Colostrum won’t harm you or your baby, but as always with anything you take during pregnancy, you should check with your health care professional first.  Once your baby is born it would be beneficial to start taking colostrum right away.  Colostrum will help boost your immune system which suffers during child birth, it will help you recover faster and it will also help you to lose those extra pounds associated with pregnancy quicker .  Even better, if you breast feed, colostrum will be able to benefit your baby as well.

Can children take colostrum?

Absolutely!  Colostrum can help growing children in many ways, from better concentration, increased memory plus children have a higher tendency to catch colds and illness from other schoolmates and colostrum will help immensely.  You can get chewable colostrum tablets for children too..

What about my pets?  Can they benefit from colostrum?

Yes!  As a matter of fact, most pets love colostrum.  Since bovine colostrum is not species specific any mammal can take colostrum for the numerous health benefits it provides.  Dogs, cats, horses, pigs etc. will have a healthy advantage.

I don’t want to take colostrum away from the baby calf’s that need it!

Don’t worry, calves are not deprived of their colostrum.  Calves need it and would die without it.  Colostrum is taken after a baby calf has had its fill.

How does colostrum help with depression?

Colostrum helps stimulate the brain to begin releasing natural substances and utilizing them more effectively.  You may find that you will have a better outlook on life, a better attitude, more concentration and you will be able to focus more.

How does colostrum help heal cuts, burns and recovery from surgery?

The immune factors in colostrum are highly effective to reduce infections and accelerate healing.  Colostrum also helps eliminates swelling and pain.

You can break open a capsule and mix it with water and rub it on cuts and burns to accelerate the healing process and reduce infections.  Give yourself a natural facelift by mixing colostrum with water and using it as a facial mask.

I am vegetarian and I do not eat animal food.

Colostrum is neither animal nor vegetable.  Mother Nature produced colostrum for every mammal on Earth.  With that said, the choice is completely yours.

How fast does colostrum begin to work?

Immediately. Colostrum begins its work by being absorbed into the bowel mucosa. It produces a healing there which produces benefits throughout the entire body. Most people begin to feel systematically and generally better right away.

If colostrum is so great the how come I have never heard of it until now?

Actually, you may have heard about colostrum before.  Colostrum is a food and not a drug so companies cannot patent colostrum.  Many companies use colostrum to extract certain key nutrients and sell that by itself (at higher prices).  “Transfer Factor” is a product made with colostrum you may have heard of.

The benefits are much greater when colostrum is taken pure, plus you get numerous more benefits when colostrum is left whole and natural.  Only until recently has whole colostrum been available at affordable prices and offered in high quality organic form for the mass market.

What is the healing crisis?

Not everyone goes through a healing crisis when they first begin taking colostrum, but many do. It depends on the person. The healing crisis happens because you are suddenly awakening cellular activity in the body that hasn’t been active in a while.

For some people this means that they may catch a cold, run a fever or have blood sugar levels go up before they come down. With someone who has joint pain or arthritis, they may notice the pain increases for a couple days before the pain begins to reside.

These symptoms are completely normal and they are a great sign that colostrum is doing its job. It is important to note the first few days where you may feel changes happening in your body to give you some clues on where you needed healing the most.

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