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Exercises That Help Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

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Osteoarthritis of the knee happens after some time due to a certain amount of wear and tear. It is not only elderly people that suffer from this, but younger people are also at risk and need to know the warning signs. It can be painful when it crops up as the bones will interact with joints.

Exercises That Help Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

This is also something to watch out for as an athlete because it can be extremely painful and you will suffer in a big way. For example, a runner won’t have the shock absorption mechanisms which the average person has. Over time, this will become worse and one will find that they are slowed down.

There is treatment available which will help with the pain and one can continue with life as normal. Physiotherapists recommend using a brace can help take some of the pain away. Some people have injections on a regular basis. Physiotherapists Cambridge will be able to direct and guide you with the best kind of exercises and activities so that you keep on moving forward.

It may be difficult to start an exercise program and getting yourself into a routine when you are under an enormous amount of pain. However, the trick is to take it slowly. Make sure that you are progressing and reaching your goals. You may want to start with a few stretches in the first week and include one or two other routines the next week. You will also be able to find out what works best for you.

You can start off by stretching the quads. To do this, start by bending one knee and hold the foot. You may want to balance yourself against a wall for support. Hold this position for half a minute before you continue with the next leg. You can repeat this movement three times.

A simple exercise to get started with is the calf stretch. This will help give you more flexibility in your knees. Stretch one foot ahead of you and bend the back leg. However, you shouldn’t let the knee go past your toes because this is going to cause further damage. The front leg should be grounded, with the back leg stretching until you are on your toes. You should feel a pull in the calf muscle. This stretch should be held for 30 seconds as well.

If you have stairs available or a small platform that you can walk onto, this is the ideal solution for anyone with this sort of problem. Stand with your feet apart at the bottom of the stair and progress with one foot and then with the other foot. Now step back onto the floor again. Don’t move in too much of a hurry. Take this slowly and move up to speed over time. There is no rush with these exercises. Should you find that things are becoming difficult and you are feeling some pain, then slow down. If you still feel that your knee is painful, you should definitely look for a physiotherapist who will guide you in the right direction.

When your muscles are tight, you will find that your joints will stiffen up and this leads to more pain. This is why stretching is important. It can be frustrating getting into a routine like this, but it is necessary in order to progress and find the balance. You will find that this pays off in the long run. It may be a good idea to join a gym where there is a circuit and various other activities that you can do in order to benefit to your full potential.

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