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Exciting Sicily: Travelling By Car Over The Island

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Have you ever been to Sicily? Classic excursion tourism in Sicily is surprising for everyone, even for experienced travellers. The island has long and glorious history to take everything new and interesting from every next owner. Finally, the cities of the island are in form of architectural and cultural monuments in the open air. You come to Sicily for different kinds of travelling. Have you ever been to Maldives or continental Europe for excursion? There is nothing quite like travelling over Sicily. It is better to say that Sicily combines different kind of rest.

There are many interesting places, where you can spend time at the sea to swim in clean shiny water or watch after the sea inhabitants. By the way, diving and snorkeling is the most popular touristic direction in Sicily. The volcanic units of the island took care of underwater world attractions and architecture to make it as interesting as the world around.

The natural or ecologic tourism is interesting not only for nature lovers and for the rest of other tourists. First of all, there is acting volcano that you should visit. Secondly, you may take part in orange harvesting. Thirdly, there are many rare plants and insects that you cannot find anywhere else. Never miss visiting the Palace of butterflies!

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There is one more touristic direction in Sicily – healthy tourism. It is a usual thing to have thermal sources in volcanic Sicily. They are useful for health. Thus, you should know for sure that tourism in Sicily is unique and interesting. Everyone can find something interesting according to interests.

Best Time for Visiting Sicily

Going to Sicily, you leave your troubles at home. You should not come here for business, you cannot work here. Sicilians enjoy life every day, every moment. The local traditions can help you to relax and get some pleasure. Remember that Sicilians like siesta – time stops here. You should not even try to go out – the doors are always shut in this time.

Remember that it is better to book table for your dinner beforehand, especially on Sundays. By the way, Sunday is family day for Sicilians. They spend time for traditional family dinner. Besides, August, for example, is dead season. Locals go travelling in summer. The most of shops are shut in this period. There is a great variant to come to Sicily for holidays. Sicilians like holidays: Christmas, New Year, Easter, carnival. Sicilians come to the seaside at night of the 15th of August. They play, dance, have fun and eat grilled meat and fish.

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Best Touristic Transport for Sicily

Of course, tourists are the first and main sources of income. There is a serious infrastructure for tourists to make their rest comfortable. The big part of this infrastructure is rental car service. Have you travelled by car before? You may hire a car in Catania and start your trip from there. Nevertheless, it is recommended to learn all nuances and rental rules to use rental car service in Sicily.

Of course, you may travel without car in Sicily if you are planning to stay in one place. If you want to travel around the island, you definitely need a car. Here are a few rules to follow to make your trip comfortable and interesting. So, the first thing you should do is choosing the right agency. It is better to use reliable experienced services to eliminate risks. Why? Obviously, if your car is broken, you can get technical support without problems. Also, the world-popular services have a wide chain of companies all over the country. You may give back your car far from the place where you took it for rent.

Of course, big agencies have wide choice or cars of different brands. Be careful, choosing right car for your trip. When are to travel? As a matter of fact, the most of tourists come to Sicily in summer – the hottest season. Never try to save your money on your comfort and well-being. You definitely need car, equipped with climate control. Of course, you have to pay for your comfort.


Choosing a car, never forget to pay attention to the car appearance and easy to use characteristics. Of course, you want your car to be cool and shiny. At last, you have to get inside and check everything there. It is not only about the car brand or color. Sicilian cities are characterized with narrow streets and limited parking. Thus, having a strong desire to hire Jeep or mini bus, remember that Sicily is a small island but not the asphalted dessert. It happens that you cannot go far on your Jeep.

You can travel safe in Sicily. It can be safer than in the rest of Italy. Nevertheless, there are many dangers are round the corner. You should afraid of auto theft and joyriding. Try to do everything to protect your car and your family. First of all, making rental contract, try to learn it carefully. Do not be in a hurry! The most of cases says that rental contract is responsible for car troubles, technical defects, but not for car theft. You may pay for car insurance additionally for 10-15 EUR. You know, it is better to overpay in 10 EUR once than paying a big sum for the car you lost.

Catania - Italy

There is one more way to protect your car and your budget. Do you what is it? Of course, it is all about right parking place. Big cities have more opportunities for good parking. It is better to choose under security parking and parking places where your car is going to be ok. Locals take care of your transport for 0,5-1 EUR. It is not big money. Nevertheless, there are many city districts, where your car must be well-protected. Sicily tries to do everything possible to make reliable support to all tourists. Of course, you must keep the road regulations! Good luck and watch the road! Sicily is waiting for you!

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