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Everything About Sodium Citrate

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pH of our body plays quite vital role. Right from balancing the pH of your blood to pH of your urine, our body keeps working to keep the balance. In case, if your pee turns out to be too acidic, your doctor will surely recommend you various medications to turn your urine more basic. One of such treatment is sodium citrate, which is always mixed up with citric acid so that it can turn to alkalizer which reduces acidity.

Everything About Sodium Citrate

  • What Are The Uses? Mostly you would have heard about sodium citrate from your physician when you face cystitis, a situation that leads to inflammation in your bladder because of bacteria, and that generates an acidic environment in the urinary tract, making urination painful.

    Your doctor likewise may suggest routinely taking sodium citrate on the off chance that you have chronic conditions like metabolic acidosis because of a kidney issue. Sodium citrate chemical formula has the power to identify all the kidney issue.

  • Sodium Citrate’s Acidic Environment: Well how sodium citrate can be acidic? Well it is the sodium salt of citrus acid, which means it act as an antacid source in the body. However, it’s to be noted that not all sodium-citrate-containing prescriptions have citrus acid, ones specially designed to make a particular pH do. Ordinary urine levels are ordinarily from a pH of 4 to a pH of 8. The lower the level, the more acidic your urine. Your doctor can decide the causticity of your urine by means of a urine test where pH is measured. Citrus acid and sodium citrate may be joined to enhance the pH to a specific desired ordinary level.

  • Sodium Citrate Turning Basic In Body: So what happens when you take sodium citrate? At times when you intake sodium citrate, it goes through your body. Now when it comes to your liver, it is changed over to bicarbonate, a usable type of base in the body. This progression helps the pH in your urinary tract from acidic to more basic. Another thing, by decreasing the acidity of the urinary tract, you can encounter a diminishment in few of the symptoms. To sweeten the deal even further, citrate can tie with acidic materials in your kidneys to keep calcium oxalate stones from framing.

  • Oh No! Sodium Citrate’s Negative Interactions: Since sodium citrate changes the pH parity of your urinary tract, it may not mix well on the off chance that you have certain medical issues. These conditions incorporate hyperkalemia, which the results into overabundance of potassium created in the blood. If you encounter intense lack of hydration, are on a sodium-limited diet or have Addison’s illness, you likewise ought to abstain from taking sodium citrate.

  • Reactions – Side Effects: Yeah finally sodium citrate worked successfully to decrease acidity in the body, it may influence the potassium levels in your body. The increment in potassium can bring about some reactions. These incorporate weakness, dizziness, numbness or feeling unsteady. You likewise may encounter diarrhea as a consequence of taking sodium citrate. On the off chance that you start to feel like you pass out, call your doctor or look for emergency medical attention to guarantee your symptoms don’t progress.

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