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Essentials For Private Road Construction and Maintenance

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Whether you’re constructing a private road to your home, camp, or development, it’s a big undertaking. You not only have to contemplate the initial construction process, but you must consider the maintenance that it will require in the future. Here are some essentials that you’ll need to get your hands on.

Essentials For Private Road Construction and Maintenance

Get Your Permits In Hand Before You Start

When it comes to constructing your private road, you’ll have to maintain the necessary permits from your local ordinance office. Many private roads will need to be voted on by a local panel before the permit is issued. This could take a couple of months to fully obtain. However, you can’t legally start the construction phase until you have your permit in hand. Also, expect periodic check-ins by the local ordinance office throughout the construction phase.

Determine Your Deterrent Strategy

Many people create private roads so that the public doesn’t travel down them. Unfortunately, it will be your job to inform the public that your road is private. Otherwise, you’ll likely have a lot of lost drivers on your private roadway. Traffic control can be easily taken care of with road signs or even striped signs on the pavement. Determine what is most cost-effective for you initially. Also, consider future maintenance. A sign may need to be replaced every 10 or 20 years. Striping usually fades after two to three years.

Determine Your Roadway Material

Private roads can usually be constructed out of a number of different materials depending on the preference of the owner and their budget. If you’re constructing a private roadway back to a cabin that you use only a few times throughout the year, then gravel may be the best option. It’s cost-efficient and won’t require much maintenance with such minimal use. If the private road is used daily, consider asphalt. It’s both cost-efficient and stands up to heavy traffic.

Determine Your Maintenance Schedule

You need to have a clear idea of how often you’ll need to maintain your private road. You should consider maintenance items like snow removal, seal coating, and restriping. Figure out how often each maintenance task will need to be performed. For example, seal coating should be done every couple of years. By having this essential maintenance schedule planned out, you’ll know exactly when all your maintenance tasks need to be completed.

Constructing a private road is a big undertaking for anyone. Taking the time to properly plan out the construction phase and future maintenance tasks will help to ease the burden. The above four tips should get you started out in the right direction for a successful private roadway construction project.

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