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Essential Information To Help You Care Better For Dementia Patients

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Dementia is a condition that includes symptoms related with memory loss and decline in other mental capabilities of an individual. These symptoms may affect a person’s capabilities in performing the daily activities of life.

Essential Information To Help You Care Better For Dementia Patients

Common Symptoms of Dementia

The most common symptom of dementia is memory loss. People suffering from dementia may suffer short term memory lapses and may find it difficult to remember simple things of daily life like paying bills, keeping appointments and keeping track of household items.

The memory loss symptoms often seem minor, but may gradually affect the mental capabilities of a person. Hence it is advisable to pay serious attention to such symptoms so that proper care and treatment can be provided to the patient at various facilities including dementia care facilities Long Island. Early diagnosis and treatment enables the patient to derive maximum benefit.

Some other dementia symptoms include:

  • Difficulty in communication.
  • Language problems.
  • Inability to concentrate and focus.
  • Poor reasoning and judgment abilities.

Causes of Dementia

The main cause of dementia is brain cell damage. Damaged brain cells fail to establish proper communication with each other. This affects the behavior, thinking ability and memory of a person.

Different types of the condition may be caused due to brain cell damage on particular areas of the brain. Our brain has different areas and each area is associated with different types of functions. If the brain cells of one particular area are damaged, the mental capabilities dependent on it are adversely affected.

Mostly, dementia related issues are permanent in nature and can become worse with time. However, if dementia has been caused by vitamin deficiencies, thyroid, over use of alcohol, side effects of medicines or depression, it may be possible to cure it.

Diagnosis of Dementia

No tests are available to diagnose dementia. Most doctors diagnose dementia on the basis of the patient’s medical history, physical examinations, and laboratory tests by observing and evaluating the behavior of an individual.

Treatment and Care for Dementia

No known treatment for curing progressive dementia is available. Certain drugs may be used to improve the condition of the patient temporarily. The drugs prescribed for dementia are similar to those prescribed for Alzheimer’s. Care is the only treatment for dementia patients. Dementia care Long Island provides facilities for dementia patients.

Risk and Prevention

In the absence of any available cure, it becomes important to recognize certain risk factors and possible prevention methods for dementia. Few of these are:

  • Dementia may be caused by certain cardiovascular risk factors like blood pressure, blood sugar and high cholesterol levels.
  • Regular physical exercise increases the oxygen and blood flow in the brain, thereby reducing dementia risk.
  • A healthy and balanced diet can reduce the risk of dementia.

Dementia patients may require special care and assistance for the daily activities of life. Specialized facilities like Harbor House provide the best care for dementia patients. The facility located in Oyster Bay, New York provides a stress free and safe environment for patients suffering from memory impairment due to dementia.

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