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Entire Story Of Magazines and Magazine Printing

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The first magazine was published in Germany in the year 1663. Initially when magazines came into being, it was only for communication of views by people but slowly and gradually it became a way of life. Magazines that deal with fashion and entertainment industry are even more popular. They are published either every fortnight on a monthly basis. A magazine printing and production cost is very low. It has different formats, but page count of almost every magazine is up to 100 pages. Magazines are for a special section of people who love to read opinions on matters that mean the most.

At present, magazine industry is a very rich one with multi million pounds under its kitty. From restaurants, hotels to waiting lounges, all of them provide magazines. There are n-number of magazines available in the market and if you want to buy a particular magazine every month or every fortnight, then you can buy its subscription and you will get it on regular intervals at your door step.

According to a latest survey, thousands of magazines are sold every minute in the whole world. The magazines have a digital counterpart too. Both of them have similar contents but digital magazines are gaining more popularity these days.

Entire Story Of Magazines and Magazine Printing

Magazines attract a lot of readers because of its cover. The plastic finished glossy paper with HD pictures on it makes it very appealing. 

Types of Magazine Printing

Magazine printing is not very expensive and if it’s printed in bulk then it’s a cherry on the cake situation. Magazine printing can be done in two ways.

  • Offset printing– This technique used in magazine printing is cost-efficient. Inked images on a plate are transferred to rubber blankets and they are further transferred on printing papers through rollers.
  • Rotogravure Printing: This is more of a printing process that uses a printing process called intaglio. In this procedure, an image is engraved into a plate. The area incised will retain the ink that will help in the printing of magazine. This method is faster than the others and that is the reason why it is considered most suitable for Magazine printing.

Different Genres of Magazines

  • Women Interests– This is the most famous one and it covers topics like, health and fitness of women, trends according to seasons, beauty hacks, interviews of female celebs etc.
  • Men Interests– They is essentially about health and fitness. They also cover celeb interviews of opposite sex.
  • Political- This one deals with the nation’s condition at present. It gives a detailed description of a situation that is a matter of concern for the nation.
  • Home and Décor– People who are interested in decorating their spaces, this magazine is for them.
  • Entertainment: This is the most popular genre of them all. More and more entertainment magazines are coming in the market and have a good amount of subscriptions as well.
  • Food: This genre has its own set of readers. Mostly women read these magazines to learn about different food habits and recipes.

Now that you know almost everything about magazines, don’t be late to grab a copy of your favorite magazine. If you are looking for the magazine printing, digital printing services, then you can avail best services at Popular Printers Jaipur at affordable prices. Choose Popular Printers Jaipur for magazine printing and digital printing in Jaipur.

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