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Enjoy the effectivefeatures and specifications of new SmartphoneHTC One M10

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Nowadays the technology is developing more in the field, but there is continuous improvement in the Smart phone. In the past years the smart phone had some simple specifications like touch screen and some of the features, but now there are lots of new technology modifications are done in the Smart phone. Lots of companies are launching their new mobile with best features each year, so there is more competition in the Smartphone world. One among the best company is HTC which manufacture the best smart phone is HTC. They launch lots of versions like HTC One M7, HTC One M8, HTC One M9 and now yet to be released was HTC One M10. People wandering for the advanced and pretty mobile are expecting more about the release date of HTC One M10.

Special features of HTC One M10:

As people are expecting more in the new version of HTC One M10. Here there are some specifications are given below that is the display of HTC One M10 is very pretty and along this it is expected that it will have the resolution of 2K.The company put their full effortin bringing the excellent display in which it will  more be  best compared to the HTC One M9. It is expected that it will be completely High Definition Display. And it better not to expect the display with resolution of 4K. The HTC Company will bring it later. The display is expected to be with 5Inches. The HTC One M10 battery is expected to be 3500 mAh battery which will be longevity and durability. This will be the best power for theSmartphone with more capabilities and now the battery is one of the big problems for lots of people today.HTC One M10 hasa dual SIM facility in which user can make use of two different networks in the same Smartphone. This is one of the biggestcompetitors for Samsung galaxy note 6, Samsung galaxy S7 and Note 5.

Effective specifications of HTC One M10:

The smart phone hasthe bestcamera in which it is the effective one and it has been expected that it will have dual camera, rear and front with 27MP. The company putting more effort in developing the Smartphone for capturingthe best selfies so that people must use HTC series rather than using other mobile phones like Samsung and Apple. The HTC One M10 camerawill be madewith high end camera which will be really good. Looking for the RAM the Smartphone HTC One M10 seems to have the RAM with 4GB. Because alreadyexisting version HTC One M9 have 3GB RAM.HTCCompany put their complete effort for building the Smartphone with the powerful processor and now people can expect more from the company in the new version of HTC One M10. The HTC Companywill always aim on interactive and powerful interface. This is one of the reliable propertiesof the Company. Hence, wait for the new version launch and enjoy the best of HTC One M10.

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