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Energy Efficient Glass Door Solutions For Homes And Offices

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Most interior designers are aware of this new trend of combining aesthetics with eco-friendly designs to meet the consumer demands.

Innovations for doors and windows

A good interior design company will keep up with new trends

It is important for every interior company to keep up with new trends and share the same with their clients. In Bangalore, new homes and offices are being treated to better door and window solutions. They are energy efficient and can be installed easily.

Homes and offices are particularly individualistic spaces. They are an expression of one’s personality and style. To complement this sophistication, energy efficient glass doors add more weight. They have become more of a necessity than a fad considering the global concern towards reducing carbon footprints.

 Innovations in window and glass door coatings and insulated assemblies enable the glass to provide excellent clarity, efficiency, and performance. The two most important types are double-glazing and low-E glass. Both lend a good solution for protection from natural elements and unwanted gazes.

Energy Efficient Glass Door Solutions For Homes And Offices


Two is always better than one!

Double-glazing style uses two thick glasses separated by an air space to promote insulation against heat. Initially, glazing often caused moisture to enter the air space, causing condensation. Today, most double-glazing efforts have anti-fogging qualities. Every company has different ways of double-glazing and one should ensure the ones purchased have a lifetime warranty.

Triple glazing

For those who want a greater sense of protection to interiors from the sun’s glare, a new system is available for the door and windowpanes.

Summer brings sunshine but also harsh beams inside homes and offices. To protect from hard sun, a new protective technology called triple glaze is available. It serves as a perfect insulation to keep interiors warm. It can be tried for a room where maximum sunlight enters. Being eco-friendly, it is geared to become popular with many clients.

Low-E glass

The completely tech-savvy way to be environmentally friendly with a brand new technology

Low-E means Low Emissivity. It is a completely transparent coating applied to one side of the glass. A surface that is able to absorb light rays is measured by this method. If the measurement indicates a lower rate, then it is ideal for installation. It is able to withstand the heat impact.

Usually, Low-E glass is used in cold climates only. The advent of slimmer filters are a boon for homes where sunlight pierces in the summer. Such filters ensure that the interiors remain cooler by stalling the harmful rays. With the use of these filters, the furnishings also do not fade, thus adding another useful utility element to it.

Alleviating the lazy in you

Do not always rely on machines to do your work

For the sake of convenience, most glass doors are structured to open and close automatically when someone enters or exits the home or buildings. The energy needed to power such mechanism is high and thus, should be avoided to save electricity. Manually push and pull glass doors, may be a little hassle but the profits they provide in terms of the energy and money that they save far outweighs it.

The diversity when it comes to energy efficient glass

Avoiding making the mistake of applying market trends of one country to every country

The world is very versatile. The wants of the consumers in India will be very different from those in England. For example, thinking that the same type of glass doors will be popular everywhere will be a huge mistake because, in some places it is scorching hot and in others, it is bitterly cold. One type of glass cannot accommodate everything. Often it can be really advantageous to look for a manufacturer that is able to customize one’s glass doors and windows for the different climates in the markets they serve.

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