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Don’t Forget These Items On Moving Day

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As you prepare to move, there will be many items that will come to mind plus a few things that may escape you. Forgetting things shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but in doing so you can make your move all the more difficult to accomplish. Here’s what you might forget to do on your moving day.

Transfer your medications. If your prescription medicines are with a national pharmacy chain, you probably won’t have much trouble refilling these items at your new location. Even so, it pays to ensure that your prescriptions are current and able to tide you over until after you arrive at your new home. The pharmacy may not be willing to honor refills if you haven’t seen a doctor in months.

Don’t Forget These Items On Moving Day

Hold on to your moving documentation. On the day the moving company shows up at your home, you should have your documentation ready. Pull out your copy of the moving contract and have it on hand when the moving foreman shows up. The foreman must have a contract of his own, otherwise you may be dealing with an illegitimate company explains Allied Moving.

Keep the kids entertained. You knew that before you planned your move your children would need something to do en route to the new destination. Trouble is, you forgot to set aside the required games, coloring books and other modes of entertainment. Forgetting these things is a big deal — you’ll hear, “I’m bored!” and “When will we get there?” for days on end. Talk about driving you mad! So, don’t forget to gather those things your kids need to keep them busy.

Don’t forget your pets too. Your pets have entirely different needs from your children. For one, they need extra special care from you. For another, they aren’t able to articulate those needs to you. Bring along the pet food, pet snacks and a favorite toy. If your pet is riding in the vehicle with you, make sure he is secure or at least in a place where he won’t get hurt if you must suddenly slam on the brakes. Lastly, make sure your pet is up to date with his shots before you leave. Get those vet records transferred or bring them with you.

Food and drink items for the road. You know that you’ll want to avoid as many fast food restaurants as possible on the way to your new home. Fortunately, you’ll get breakfast at the hotel, but lunch and dinner are game. One of the best ways to handle this is to pack your lunches and then eat at a decent sit down restaurant for dinner. So, load up the cooler with drinks, snacks and other food items to bring with you on your excursion to your new home.

Perform one final walk through. It happens: you get to closing and your home buyer points out a bit of unfinished business. And not just the lawn you promised to cut before you left. That item could be anything, such as painting the shed, disposing of paints, cleaning out the attic, or some other forgotten task. This is where doing a final walk through the day before the move can help you avert a problem as well as the expense and hassle of hiring someone to do the work for you.

A Smart Move

Keeping tabs of everything may seem impossible to do. That’s where a planner or planner app can help guide you, keeping you on track even as you’re feeling overwhelmed with so many responsibilities.

By tracking everything carefully and following the reminders, forgetting something should not be an issue. Unless, of course, you forget your planner or ignore the app.

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