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Does Your International SEO Strategy Include Accents?

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Do you want to attract more international customers to your online business? A crucial step often missed by business owners is including accents in their SEO strategies. Word accents can impact search results, influence consumer engagement with your content and more. Check out these tips for including accents and proper language in your online materials.

Does Your International SEO Strategy Include Accents?

Connect more effectively with international audiences by using properly accented words and more.

Creating Webpage Copy

Your website’s copy will be the first touchpoint most online users have with your business. Connect more efficiently with international markets by offering versions of your website’s text in different languages. Also, rather than relying on the spotty accuracy of auto translators, instead provide a clickable option that allows users to select their preferred language for your site’s content. When creating the copy in each language, edit for accurate phrasing, properly accented words and more.

Using Accented Keywords

According to The Death of the Accent and its Impact on Search, with regards to using SEO keywords, not including an accent on a word that is traditionally accented word can affect your site’s presence in search results.

For example, if an online user accents a word during an online search but the keyword you used to build your site’s SEO didn’t include the accent, your site may not appear prominently in search results. This is a problem. When developing your SEO strategy, you must understand the online search habits of users in each international market, and you must also learn how to use word accents correctly.

Building a Guest Blogging Strategy

Similar to creating your site’s content in the various languages of your target markets, be mindful of the language used in blog posts as part of your guest blogging strategy. Guest blogging in each international market you serve can be an excellent way to build your site’s SEO and to extend your business’s presence. But this tactic is useful only when the copy is tailored correctly to the interests and language of each market.

Considering Social Media Content

Do you manage different social media presences for each international market your business serves? If you don’t currently have separate social media presences, this may be the time to consider dividing your pages. Managing social media presences for each international market can help your business to connect better with different online cultures and will provide the platform to engage with audiences in their native tongues, including the use of properly accented words.

Hiring the Right Professionals

Of course, you can’t effectively create web page copy, accurately use accented keywords or develop other content for international audiences without the help of the right professionals. As your business expands to international markets, hire professionals from those markets to help build your SEO strategies and more. These professionals should ideally be native speakers from each international market or should at least be fluent in the language of each market.

Worried that your content isn’t reaching its intended international audiences? The culprit may be a lack of accents in your keywords and online content. From properly accenting your site’s keywords to creating web page copy that reflects the language uses of international audiences, develop a robust international SEO strategy to connect better with your intended audiences.

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