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Does Your Child Have A Serious Dentist Apt Coming Up? Here’s How To Help Them

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When children require serious dental procedures, surgeries, or the pulling of a tooth, they may instantaneously feel anxious, nervous, or apprehensive about the process. If you have a child who has a serious dentist appointment coming up, there is no need to worry or fear the visit itself. With a few tips and tricks, help your child to prepare for their upcoming dentist appointment while feeling strong, confident, and positive when it comes to being proactive with their oral health.

Does Your Child Have A Serious Dentist Apt Coming Up? Here's How To Help Them

Learn About Procedures

If your child is having a tooth pulled or another serious and extensive dental procedure, take the time to learn more about the procedure itself. Research preparation tips, anesthetic or medications used, as well as how to remain calm and recover from the procedure. The more well-versed you are about the procedure itself, the easier it will be to convey positive and optimistic thoughts to your child.

Talk Your Child Through Their Upcoming Appointment

Discuss the upcoming procedure your child has scheduled with them directly. Inform your child why their upcoming dentist appointment is so important and how they can help themselves to better prepare for the appointment, procedure, or surgery. Explain the appointment in-depth as much as possible to alleviate any unnecessary stressors your child may be experiencing.

Allow Your Child the Ability to Express Themselves

Ask your child if they have any questions regarding their upcoming dentist appointment to help guide them through their fears. Allow your child to express themselves freely and openly without responding harshly or mocking the fears and anxieties they are feeling. Remain optimistic and keep a positive outlook at all times to help provide your child with additional comfort as they prepare for their upcoming appointment.

Discuss Your Child’s Anxiety or Fear with Your Dentist

Anytime you have a child who is nervous or anxious about an upcoming dentist appointment, it is highly recommended to reach out to your dentist’s office directly. Inform the receptionist or dental staff as well as your child’s dentist themselves of your child’s anxiety, fears, and stress over their appointment to allow them to better prepare for your arrival.

Whenever a child has a serious dentist appointment, it can feel daunting just thinking about the drive to the dental office itself. By taking the time to thoroughly prepare your child for their upcoming visit, you can ensure you are both ready for the appointment once the time arrives.

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