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Different Types Of Dental Implants and Their Benefits

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Many people hesitate to go for dental surgeries or procedures due to an inbuilt fear about the dentists and their offices. However, one cannot completely ignore the fact that teeth are an absolute essential to maintain in perfect condition. At one time or another, an individual hast to approach dental clinics Toronto to have a look at the oral hygiene. In critical cases, the doctor may want to go for dental implants to save the rest of the teeth from getting contaminated. There are many advantages of dental implants such as they look as natural teeth, they are permanent, durable and stop bone loss and the most important thing is, one can eat any type of food without any problem. There are different types of dental implants that one could select while thinking of a dental surgery:

Different Types Of Dental Implants and Their Benefits

  • Subperiosteal Implants The implant is designed or tailored to rest on the top of jawbone but not superseding the gums. They are placed underneath it (gum) and are suitable for patients who do not have adequate height or width of the bone. This is a very complicated and rare method performed by professional dentists such as the ones found in Dr. Carol Waldman Dentistry. The Subperiosteal implants can be placed on the bone in two methods – one that involves single surgery and the other that involves dual surgery.

    In the single surgery, using CAT scan and latest computer modeling techniques, the jawbone model is created. This model is used by the technicians in the laboratory to create a perfect implant. This implant is used by the dentist belonging to dental clinics Toronto to surgically place it in the desired region.

    In the dual surgery, the gum is cut open and the impression of the bone is taken. The gum is later closed and the based on the impression dental implant is created in the laboratory. In the next visit, the closed gum is reopened and the implant is placed

  • Endosteal dental implants This is the basic dental implant procedure that can be found in any of the dental clinics in Toronto. The Endosteal dental implant is also known as the Root form implants and it is in the shape of a cylinder or screw resembling the root. It is used as the foundation or base for the artificial teeth and is suitable for the patients who have a healthy jawbone with good depth and width.

  • Plate form dental implants When the jawbone is narrow for the convenience of bone grafting, the plate form dental implants are taken into consideration. To fit the characteristics of the narrow jawbone, the implants are flat and long. The implants are placed into the gums and with the help of stitches sealed permanently by the dentists in dental clinics Toronto. The healing procedure for the implant can take nearly six months and the crow is attached after the gum is completely healed. The dentists would ensure that there is no irritable feeling as it can cause inflammation or infection near the crown.

The dental implant procedure is very effective and permanent. The dentist will determine the perfect surgery method and help to renew the status of the teeth in a perfect manner.

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