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Diamonds are Forever: Here Are the Designs Worth Buying

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Diamonds are forever. Just like John Keats said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever, diamonds too have the ability to give immense pleasure to someone just by its gleam and appearance. As a diamond does not wither or lose its luster, it is forever engraved in our hearts and minds.

No wonder then that diamond jewellery is so popular amongst women of all age groups. In fact, nowadays even men have joined the group and diamond jewellery in Delhi and other big cities has gone through a paradigm shift to accommodate the new trends.

Jewellery designers, the likes of Hazoorilal Legacy, have come up with new and innovative designs for both men and women to make sure that diamonds remain a thing of beauty (and fashion, sorry Keats) forever. Some of them are:  

  • Mihrab

This style has become popular in the recent times especially because of the increasing trend of wearing pastels. As this piece has uncut diamonds set in pastel turquoise colour enameling, it is both contemporary and fashionable. After all, green is the new black. It also has pearls and coloured stones that make the design more intricate and fun to combine with other outfits and elements. Regal and mesmerizing, it will add grandeur to every outfit.

  • Modern love

A little more to the modern side, this pair of earrings is understated but glamorous. Perfect for receptions or sophisticated work events, they will look gorgeous with sarees or Indo-western gowns. A beautiful combination of white and fancy yellow diamonds set in 18K white and gold, the look is completed by a 21.25-carat drop-shaped emerald. The shape of the earrings allows them to cover the ear in a beautiful and smart way, thus making this pair different from other earrings.                  

  • Solitaire

No matter what year it is and what era we live in, the charm of solitaire diamond jewellery will never die. They are precious, monumental and charismatic. This piece is made up of marquise cut diamonds surrounded with round brilliant cut diamonds set in 18k white gold. When worn with a simple but elegant outfit, it will surely stand out.

  • Jadau Polki

Straight from India’s rich history and cultural heritage, this piece has borrowed the intricate craftsmanship from the grand courts of the Mughal era. This masterpiece, made by the finest old-cut diamonds with precious gemstones the likes of emeralds, rubies and pearls, is incomparable in its beauty and style. When wearing this, there is no need to accompany it with any other heavy jewellery due to its grandeur and charm. It has taken inspiration from the traditional layered necklace style and can work with almost all ethnic outfits.

  • Men’s headgear

With the increase in the popularity of men’s jewellery, Hazoorilal Legacy has come up with Kalghi, which is a headgear crafted and set in 18k yellow gold. It also comprises oval-shaped rubies, emerald hangings, pearls and marquise-cut , drop-shaped and round brilliant diamonds. With this, one can be sure that their style will stand out and be unique amongst the group of people.

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