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Designer Kantha Embroidered Kurtis

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The popularity of Kurtis has seen designers looking for ways to make them unique and stylish. Anyone looking for cheap kurtis online will be able to place some interesting designs made with class in mind. One of the ways of doing this is through embroidery which works to transform a simple tunic into a master piece. Women of all age suit this kind of garment that is the mark of class for the kurti wearing woman. And there are many designs of embroidery that one can choose from too for variety.

Kantha embroidery has long been in use on saris. With an origin of West Bengal, it makes a kurti appear elegant with motifs of flowers and other themes of nature. At times it can have geometrical designs as well made in a simple manner. The effect is that the fabric used to make the kurti gets a wavy texture to it. This creates an entirely awesome look on the kurti and can be made used to make a Kantha jacket to be worn with a plain kurti.

Embroidery in India has been popular over ages with different states having their own design of the art. This is what contributes to the unique culture of diversity of dress throughout the nation. For the love of it designers are using these designs when making modern dress to ensure the heritage remains. Kantha embroidery is one of the popular ones that designers are keen to salvage by using it on kurtis. Despite previously having been used by rural women of West Bengal and Bangladesh, it comes in some complex designs. Its original form was a running stitch that ran on the edges qualifying any garment decorated with motifs on the edge a Kantha one.

On the early scene only a few fabrics could have Kantha such as including saris and quilts. That has changed as it is used on various fabrics that make kurtis. Kantha is made of interesting motifs comprising folk lore and rituals such as deer and peacock and even temples. Various shapes can be seen of the motifs that are sewn on the kantha kurti. Come to designer Kantha kurtis and these can be coupled with many bottoms to make the wearer appear classic. Some of these include leggings and dhoti pants among others. For a unique look and design beads and sequins are then added to make it even more unique. In most cases these come in colors that are known to go with elements of nature namely the earth, sky and space for which black, blue and red are used.

Now with its use having made a comeback on modern fashion, Kantha embroidery is widely used in making kurtis of different designs. One can wear their kantha kurti with accessories to ensure they stand out more when going to a party, for instance. No doubt Kantha embroidery is back, and with it comes an interesting array of designs suited to make a wearer look dazzling wearing a kurti.

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