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Dubai is the city situated on the sandy surface. Actually, it was a small town having Native Arab Negros and fishermen. In 1960’s discovery of oil made this part of the world an ultimate destination for the people of the whole world.

Now a day’s people from all over the world come to Dubai to spend their holidays inspired by the skyline and technological advancement of Dubai. But they miss the actual essence and feel of Dubai. You are allowed to think that Dubai is only for the things discussed above. But my pal it’s just one side of Dubai life. The actual Dubai is resided inside the miles long sand dunes of Dubai Dessert and beneath the water of Persian Gulf.

Millions of people visiting Dubai First time are unaware of the real feel of Dubai. Don’t worry about it we are here to help you out. We will take you on the Desert Safari Dubai to make your trip unforgotten able.



In Dubai, your stay will be in the city area surrounded by high rise buildings and high tech technologies. Here you can spend your 75% tour visiting the advancement of Dubai. But to achieve the 100% adventure you need to travel over sand dunes of Dubai desert. It will definitely produce a thrill for you. Driving over the deadly sandy planes of Dubai desert is a very difficult task to do and only done by skilled drivers. Our drivers will receive you from your staying place and take you to the mesmerizing beauty of Dessert, Where many stunning views and unexpected surprises are waiting for you.


Many of you witnessed the people surfing on the huge waves of the ocean. The thrill and enthusiasm are visible in the eyes of surfers but are you aware that the dry board surfing is also a very adventure and thrilling sport but it is only done on the sand dunes. Fortunately, in Desert Safari Dubai, you will be in the middle of the huge ocean of sand. You will enjoy dry surfing on the sand dunes of Dubai and feel the thrill of ocean Surfing. We provide you the board as well as the necessary training that you enjoy your trip as much as you can.


Nights in desserts are one of the things you will ever missed after experiencing night camping in the dessert of Dubai. Silent surrounding, Clear Horizon, Stars on the Horizon, Soothing breeze will definitely mesmerize you and may be you make your mind to settle here after your retirement.

International level of camping make you feel comfortable as you are residing inside your luxury suite. Camping includes best traditional food of Arabs along with multiple intercontinental cuisines made by expert chiefs and if you order customized food was also be provided. In this camp you will experience many surprises like fire work and Specialty of ARABIAN NIGHTS the Belly Dance.


Belly dance or Western Dance is the core of Arabian Nights. It is the way of seeking pleasure with the soothing music of Daf and qanun and thrilling moves of belly dancers. They are ultimately stunning with their moves their expressions and their unwatchable professionalism.

The experienced musicians spread thousands of beautiful rhythms in the air and these skillful beauties translate these rhythms in their moves. Beautiful dancers are covered with bedlah. The traditional costume of belly dance. Traditionally the costumes are decorated with cutwork and mirror work but in the modern era, these are illuminated with artificial lights and in the dark night of Dubai watching a belly dancer illuminated with light is absolutely a great experience.

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