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Dayanna Volitich Highlights the Role of Teachers in the Life of People

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Teachers have a great influence on the life of almost every person. They help young children to develop their personalities in a positive fashion, and assist older ones to augment their career prospects. Good teachers enable their students to grow up to be a productive and positive part of the society. In the opinion of Dayanna Volitich  the future of almost any country is majorly influenced by its teachers.  Young children studying at schools are essentially the future of a nation, and the teachers teaching them thus are able great impact on how they would ultimately benefit the society after growing up.

Dayanna Volitich stresses on the crucial role and responsibilities of teachers 

When it comes to learning and development of the students, the role of teachers is essentially the most prominent. The achievements and progress of every student is majorly impacted by the influence of their teachers.  While most people think that the responsibilities of teachers are limited to evaluating students, assigning homework, grading examinations, praising or critiquing and lecturing, so essentially  is not the case.  Dayanna Volitich highlights that they tend to perform several tasks that go much beyond these aspects. Here are a few of the important aspects relating to the responsibilities of teachers:

  • Act as a role model for students: many students, especially the ones belonging to the elementary and primary levels, typically look up to their teachers as role models. It is often seen that teachers can be one of the biggest and more powerful influences in the development of the behaviors and students of discerning students especially in the secondary school level.  Even at the high school years, the relationship between students and teachers is quite critical. Many a times, students tend to seek out help and guidance from their teachers when they are faced with various types of emotional, social, as well as academic issues.  Teachers have the grave responsibility of having to encourage their students to work hard and learn. They also have to strive to inculcate certain positive attitudes among students that stay with them throughout their life.
  • Strive to be a spontaneous problem solver: In many cases, teachers have to face certain unpredictable situations and circumstances in their classrooms.  They hence must have the capability and capacity to orderly deal with such eventualities.  Modern teachers are required to have the ability to think swiftly on their feet, and subsequently respond to distinct complex and evolving classroom situations.
  • Be a reflective thinker. Teaching is essentially being considered to be an experience that cannot be orderly described or defined in just a few words.  The thought processes and planning of teachers are influenced by numerous elements, such as the curriculum and community. They also influenced to quite an extent by the attitudes, responses and behaviors of their students.  This dynamic nature of the profession makes teaching quite an interesting profession.

As per Dayanna Volitich, owing to the multifaceted role of teachers, their impact on the lives of the students cannot be ever underestimated.

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